What Is Laser Distance Meter?

What Is Laser Distance Meter

Still using a regular measuring tape to measure certain areas? Well, it is time you come to the 21st century and start using a laser distance meter. What is a laser distance meter, you ask?

This is a small and portable power tool that uses lasers to determine the exact measurement of the area. These devices are typically battery-operated and are easy to use.

What Is Laser Distance Meter?

Laser distance meters, also commonly referred to as laser distance measurers or laser tape measures, are a modern alternative to using the classic tape measure. All the measurements that are taken from these devices happen by sending out a laser pulse from the meter on to a defined target. Then, the amount of time that is taken for this reflection to return is measured.

What this does is it allows for a far more accurate reading even for larger distances. In addition, most of these laser distance meters come with some amazing functions that will help with the addition, subtraction, calculation of the area and volume, triangulation, and a whole range of different features.

These tend to show a large benefit to users as time-consuming and complex calculations can be done far more easily and with higher accuracy. Using a well-reputed and high-quality laser distance meter is beneficial for professionals, including builders, contractors, architects, and engineers, wherein accurate measurement are absolutely essential.

Using the Laser Distance Meter

In order to make simple distance measurements with the help of a laser distance meter, it is essential that you place this tool at one of the ends of the line that has to be measured and then aim the meter’s laser beam at a solid target, such as a cabinet or a wall.

If there is not any solid object, then you can also opt for a plastic target. Simply place this plastic object at the required destination and allow the laser distance beam to do its job.

After you have measured the area, you will find all the details, such as the measurements, being displayed on the screen of the meter. Alternatively, some laser distance meters come with Bluetooth functionality, which will allow you to transfer the results on to a smartphone through the maker’s app.

Simpler measurements that require you just aiming the meter towards one wall will typically give you the result almost instantly. With that said, there is a wide range of options still available for the user’s benefit.

Volumes and areas can also be calculated by making use of the functions on the meter to perform all the necessary calculations for you. Do remember that every model of the meter has some difference. It is best that you spend a good amount of time with the meter’s user manual to completely understand how to use it and to get the most accurate results out of it.

Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Laser Distance Meter

You would be surprised to know that there are several different laser distance meters on the market. However, not all of them work in the same way and offer the same accurate results. Hence, we decided to make a small list of all the factors you should consider if you are looking for a laser distance measure.

  • Price

Laser distance meters can cost you anywhere between $40 to $700. On the basis of your budget and your personal or professional needs, choose a laser distance meter appropriately. While one can easily assume that pricier laser distance meter is the better choice, looking at its features and functions will sometimes prove that it offers the same things as a mid-priced option.

  • Outdoor/Indoor Use

When it comes to indoor use, most laser distance meters tend to work well even with the poor lighting conditions. On the other hand, these meters tend to face a ton of issues with its operation when used outdoors in bright lighting conditions.

In line with this, you would want to find a laser distance meter that appropriately fits your needs. Determine whether you’ll be using the device in poor or brightly lit areas, and decide based on that. Alternatively, you can also pick up certain accessories that will help with this issue.

  • Distance Measurement

Of course, you also have to determine what exactly you will be measuring. Laser distance meters can tend to vary on the distance they measure over. You can find some measuring up to 60 meters while others can cover 200 meters. It goes without saying that the further it goes, the more expensive it gets.

  • Being Waterproof

Being waterproof is a feature that certain folks are looking for in a laser distance meter. If that’s essential for you, make sure you find a meter that has a durable casing that can withstand different temperatures and handle rains.

Different Accessories to Choose From

As mentioned, there are a couple of interesting accessories that can help make your laser distance meter perform even more than what it’s supposed to do. These include:

  • Target Plate

These are typically a must-have accessory for laser distance meters when used for measurements of larger distances. These help in providing a far more reflecting target that will help in providing a more precise measurement.

You will find multiple types of target plates online and in physical stores. Some of them can be fixed to the edges, the corners, or even on the floor masks.

  • Tripods

Another beneficial accessory for laser distance meters is a tripod. Having a tripod will help in providing you with more stability for the measurement process. More stability means that there will be even lesser chances of inaccurate measurement.

  • Soft Bag

We recommend finding a laser distance meter that comes with a storage option. Alternative, you can separately buy a soft bag for it. Keeping this tool safe from the elements will prolong its life.


What is a laser distance meter? This is a great tool to get accurate measurements of an area every single time. They come with different kinds of features that do a tremendous job with finding the right measurements. Best of all, this tool is known to offer accurate measurements almost all the time when used in optimal conditions.

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