What is A Wire Stripper?

What is A Wire Stripper

In the time we are living right now, electricity is everything. Almost all the things that we use works with and uses electricity. Because of that, we also have the need to do electrical work if we want to create new things or repair broken equipment.

Imagine living without electricity: no computers, televisions, lights, air conditioning, and electric stoves. Electricity is being used in transportation and communication as well which is a part of our daily needs. Without it, our lives will be so much harder and dull.

Doing electrical work requires a lot of skills and tools. You must be very knowledgeable dealing with it since it can be very dangerous. For the tools, you need to have the right ones in order to do the job safely and properly. The range of tools electricians use today have developed vastly.

There are now new specialized tools specifically for electrical work. Some of the most common ones present in an electrician’s tool bag or tool box  are screwdrivers and nut drivers, measuring devices, pliers, fishing tools, power drills and drivers, and wire strippers.

Wire Strippers

So, what are wire strippers? A wire stripper is a tool being used to remove the coating or insulation of a wire. By removing the electrical insulation of the wire, you will be able to modify or repair it. It is also used to connect other wires together. There are 3 types of wire strippers available today. They are manual wire strippers, automatic wire strippers, and laser wire strippers.

Manual strippers are a little more complicated to use because you will have to adjust it to your own accord. The user would need to apply pressure on the coating of the wire and rotate it while applying pressure in order to remove it.

This type of wire stripper is versatile as you can use it any size of wires. It is also lighter and has a much simpler design. There are also manual strippers that has designated holes on the teeth that has different sizes.

All you would need to do is place the wire on the designated size and pull it out. This eliminates the need for rotating it. However, since it has designated sizes, you will only be able to use it on limited wires depending on what will match the wire stripper.

On the other hand, an automatic wire stripper is easier to use and can even be used by novices and it is also much faster to use. This type of wire stripper is not as versatile as a manual stripper since it is only limited to a range of sizes. Using them on wires outside of its range can damage the wires.

The way an automatic wire stripper works is that you simply place the wire in the cutting slot depending on its size and squeeze the handle. Last are laser wire strippers. From its name, you would already know that it uses laser to cut the electrical insulation of a wire. It is computer-controlled and it works on any size of wires.

This type of wire stripper is not commonly used by the everyday electrician and it is mostly present in factories or would stay in a tool shed as it is big and bulky. It is also most suitable to use for very small wires as other types of wire strippers can damage them.

Wire strippers comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Most wire strippers have serrated teeth and rubber handles which makes it easier to do the job. There are even some that has multiple functions integrated such as wire cutters and wire crimpers.

Popular Brands of Wire Strippers

There are a lot of brands today that has their own line of wire strippers. Some are cheap while some are expensive. One popular brand is Klein Tools. This brand has a wide range of different tools such as power tools, saws and blades, wrenches, measurement tools, and more.

Their line of wire strippers varies as well. They have automatic wire stripper, manual wire strippers, and even multifunctional wire strippers. Their wire strippers are moderately priced and its quality is suitable for both novices and professionals.

Another popular brand is IRWIN Tools. This brand also has a wide range of different products such as locking tools, chisels, marking tools, utility knives and blades, and worksite products. In regards to their wire strippers, they have manual, automatic, and multipurpose ones. Their products also has their signature blue and yellow color. The price of their wire strippers are quite affordable as well.

One more popular brand is Ideal. This brand has the most expensive equipment of the three. They are geared toward professionals rather than for home use. Their wire strippers are heavy duty and they provide automatic and manual wire strippers as well.


Electricity is one of the most important discoveries of science as it is a part of our daily lives. It is being used on everyday items such as our smartphones, computers, transportation, electric stoves, air conditioning, and even lights. Without electricity, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things that we are enjoying right now. Whatever type of tool bag you have, it is important that you have a good wire stripper.

A wire stripper is a tool that is used to remove the a plastic coating or electrical insulation of a wire which enables you to repair, replace, and connect it with other wires. There are 3 types of wire strippers: manual wire strippers, automatic wire strippers, and laser wire strippers.

Depending on what you need, you can choose to work with any of the three. If you want one that would work on any size of wires, a manual one would fit you best. If you want to have one that is easier to operate but would only work on a limited size range of wires, then an automatic wire stripper would be best.

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