What Is a Heat Gun Used For?

What Is a Heat Gun Used For

DIY projects are becoming more and more popular these days. Not that it wasn’t popular before, but due to the readily available resources we now have, such as online how-to guides and video tutorials, doing and repairing things on your own is so much easier.

For that very reason, tools like heat guns are starting to gain more attention as well, especially among regular people. Nevertheless, the question remains: what is a heat gun used for?

In this article, we are going to share with you more than 10 ideas on how and where to use your heat gun. Before anything else, though, allow us to give you a brief background about the tool.

What Is a Heat Gun?

Simply put, a heat gun is a handheld tool that produces heat. You can then use this heat to melt, solder, attach, and remove stuff.

Does that sound very confusing to you? To someone who has not used a heat gun before, that’s probably the idea that might bewilder you. Most power tools, after all, can only perform one task alone, like cutting or drilling holes. However, this is not the case when it comes to a heat gun.

What Is a Heat Gun Used For?

In order to give you a better understanding of how to use a heat gun and what is a heat gun used for, here is a list of ideas:

1. Loosening stuck screws and bolts

One of the most impossible things that you might have to do is to remove something that has been sealed shut by rust. The problem is, if you’re really into vehicle repairs, then you will find that rusted screws and bolts are actually pretty common.

Fortunately for us, heat can expand your screws, making it easier to remove. This can easily be achieved using your heat gun. In fact, you can get this done in seconds!

2. Removing labels and stickers

Every DIY fan has some sort of use for old jars. Mason jars, wine bottles, old jam jars—you name it, DIY-ers can reuse it for whatever purpose.

The challenge, though, lies on how you will be able to remove their stubborn labels without scratching the glass. You don’t want any residue left behind either. The solution? Just heat up the label with your heat gun, and it will peel right off.

3. Help in packaging

You can make sure that your shrink wrap hugs whatever it is you’re packing nice and tight by blowing your heat gun over it. A word of caution, though. Be careful not to cook or damage whatever it is you’re packing while doing so. You know that heat can cook, right? Well, so does your heat gun.

4. Roasting coffee beans

We are not kidding! Just put your coffee on a pan and gently roast it using the heat coming from your heat gun. What’s even more interesting is that, since you have more control over your heat source (especially since your heat gun is most probably handheld), then you’ll be able to ensure that your roast is uniform and perfect too!

5. Removing anything that’s been attached with glue

Whether that be your old vinyl tiles or something that you want to reclaim from a project that you’ve worked on in the past but have attached using a glue gun, never fret. A heat gun can do the trick.

Heat guns can melt the glue that will allow you to peel whatever you need to peel easily. You can even do this without damaging the original materials if you’re very careful!

6. Removing old wallpaper

Speaking of removing things, old wallpaper is one of the most challenging things to remove from any surface. While we have mentioned that there is a possibility to peel various materials off without damaging them, unfortunately, that’s not the case with wallpaper.

With wallpapers, you simply have to tear them off in order to remove them. With the help of a heat gun, though, you can do this in record time.

A word of caution, though. Please remember that paper is flammable. Thus, we recommend sticking to a low-temperature setting at first, then gradually increasing it until you reach your desired level of heat.

7. Thawing frozen things

Are you having issues with frozen pipes? Is there anything that you need to thaw? Look no further than your heat gun!

8. Drying different kinds of stuff

Whether that’s wet wood or any surface, there are just times when air drying stuff simply doesn’t work anymore, especially during a really moist and humid day! Don’t bother and make your life easier by drying your stuff using the mild setting of your heat gun.

Remember, you are only drying excess moisture; you’re not trying to melt or burn anything. Therefore, use this technique with care.

9. Applying wax on stuff

If you can melt to remove wax from things, then a heat gun can also help you do the other way around. With it, you can melt wax in order to make it easier to apply it to things.

This is a common practice for athletes, especially for surfers and snowboarders who need to wax their boards.

10. Soldering and desoldering

Soldering is a method used to attach metal together using a melted soldering iron. This is usually done using a soldering rod. However, with the right attachments, you won’t need a soldering rod anymore.

With your handy heat gun, you can actually do soldering projects. What’s even more interesting is that you can use that same heat gun to desolder and detach things too!

11. Painting

Finally, your heat gun can help you during painting too. Did that sound just ridiculous? Now, before you shut us out, allow us to make ourselves clear first.

A heat gun can help you while you’re painting by melting paint drips. In this way, you will be able to remove them from your precious wooden flooring.

What’s more, you can also use your heat gun to strip old paint, which is pretty much the same way as to how you would strip off old wallpaper! You can also use it to dry a fresh coat of paint faster. Just make sure that you have the proper temperature settings, and you’re all set.


And that’s it! We will leave the rest of your heat gun’s abilities up to you to discover on your own. Anyway, we know how excited you are to put your new tool to work, so we won’t keep you here for much longer. Have fun!

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