Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag Review

Things can get tough when you’re a professional contractor working at your prized craft. On the field, almost anything can go wrong. Client dissatisfaction and workplace accidents are usual occurrences. Therefore, you need to be patient and organized enough to make swift decisions and amendments. This Veto Pro Pac Tech XL review explains why this tool bag is a must-have.

How many times have you reached out for a tool in urgency, only to discover it’s stuffed at the bottom of your toolbox? That’s enough to get the most skilled person in a panic situation. What you need is a functional, durable, and productive tool bag. The perfect toolbag should be the one that helps you store all your essentials at an arm’s reach.

While you’ll come across lots of brands offering great tool bags and boxes, not all of them live up to the hype. That’s why we’ve compiled all the details for our favorite product to help you judge for yourself.

Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag


This reputed brand aims to create perfect tool-carrying solutions for all you professionals out there. Along with the basic functions like weight management and organization, the company likes to replenish their range with innovative features to keep their clients coming back for more!

Basic Specifications

This Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag is perfect in its dimensions and size to store all your basic gear and essential tools. The 13-inch long body is combined with a substantial depth of nine inches.  You can use the inner pockets to an optimum extent.

Besides that, the bag is a staggering 19 inches tall. The height capacity can accommodate all kinds of instruments, such as rulers and other scaling tools. Besides, the large space makes sure all of your instruments remain visible, and you don’t have to stuff them inside in an unruly way.


The construction of this bag is impeccable. It’s made out of highly durable and sturdy materials, which last you long term even after rough handling and rugged use. The base is made out of solid, molded polypropylene to give the bag a stable standing.

Furthermore, the overall body is of military-grade waterproof material. The Impregnated Denier Nylon used for the body and the pockets has 1800 PVC content. This makes it completely water-resistant, so you can store your tools inside it permanently without being concerned about their safety.

Moreover, all this material is stitched together with industrial-grade durable stitching techniques. You can stuff your bag with all kinds of heavy-duty instruments, and the stitches won’t ever give up on you.


Now for the main purpose, this bag has a plethora of multi-purpose pockets. These include internal and external vertical tool pockets and neoprene pockets as well.

Firstly, there are about 80 tool pockets in total, inside and outside your bag. All these pockets help you organize your tools according to your needs. You set your instruments by priority, size, or usage on the inside or outside pockets, respectively.

Secondly, the neoprene pockets are provided in both large and small sizes. You can never have too much space for those tiny tidbits like nuts, bolts, and memory sticks. This bag can keep them safe so you won’t have to shuffle through your entire bag for a pin you can’t find.


You wouldn’t want to lose your precious tools, would you? This tool bag is equipped with reliable fasteners to keep your gear safe. It has high-quality plastic coil zippers which work smoothly even after rigorous use. Zippers are further reinforced with a double stitching system so they won’t rupture from the seams, even after a tough closure.

Similarly, the zippers have huge zipper tabs. This ensures easy and fast closure when you’re tidying up in a hurry. Also, it has marine-grade fold-back snaps to hold the bag together from the handles.

Carrying Options

With the heavy load inside the bag, you’re right to be worried about the handling system on your tool bag. The Veto Pro Pac Tech XL has got your covered on this point as well. It gives you two versatile options to carry your bag according to your convenience.

Firstly, there’s the top handle. It’s designed with an ergonomically molded structure to promote a stiff, comfortable grip. The nylon plastic material keeps the handle intact, even after constant contact with sweat and pressure.

Secondly, you can carry your bag with the adjustable shoulder strap. The heavy-duty strap is extra wide to help you support the weight in your tool bag with comfort. It has padded straps that you can clip to the handles as well.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable accessories
  • Convenient carrying system
  • Five-year warranty


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


In a nutshell, this Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag review shows that the product has good features. Although the price may require the common worker to stretch their pockets to the limit, the amazing features and reliable quality makes the price worth it.

It is a durable product that comes with five years of warranty. However, it is also expensive. As it is designed to accommodate all of your tools, it is heavy and looks a little bulky.


The CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag is another high-quality but low-end option for those of you who want a functional tool bag. Here is a quick comparison between both products to make this Veto Pro Pac Tech XL review more useful.

  • Storage: It has 50 pockets while the Veto bag has more than 80 different kinds of pockets. Also, it has one single center compartment to store large tools, while the former has enough space to individually organize each of your tools. The Veto bag wins in storage.
  • Durable: It has a durable construction and sturdy fasteners. The handles are also comfortable and padded, which is similar to what the Veto bag has to offer.
  • Price: You can easily get the CLC bag at under $100 while the Vet bag will cost you above $200. This means, where there’s a price difference this big, there’s bound to be a dip in quality as well.
  • Warranty: The CLC bag is not backed with any warranty like the Veto bag which ensures its flawless quality.


When you’re working with heavy-duty tools and carrying them around with your everyday endeavors, your bag needs to be strong enough to handle the stress. That’s why, even if the Veto bag is expensive, it will save you a lot of other expenses in the long run. These include bag repairs, accidental blunders, and lost tools.

It’s a far-sighted investment, which makes it a great choice for professional tool owners.


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