Tradesman Backpack by Rugged Tools: The Perfect Tools Organizer for the Hardworking Handyman

Tradesman Backpack by Rugged Tools

Are you among the many who like to tinker with stuff at home? If yes, then you probably have your own arsenal of tools that are the envy of the neighborhood. With the high cost of tools today, it is only logical to invest in a quality storage solution to keep them safe when not in use.

While it is wise to have your own storage racks and tool cabinets at home, it can be a challenge when you need to take your tools outside. This very problem is what busy handymen and contractors have, especially because their work requires them to be in many different places.

Back in the day, these guys used to carry around large, bulky, plastic boxes where they put all their tools in. Yet, this can also be too much of a hassle. With the intention of addressing this problem, the property maintenance industry came up with a very effective solution—the backpack tool bag.

A tools backpack is a compact, sturdy, and easy-to-carry bag that is specially engineered to carry heavy construction and home repair tools. They come with dedicated pockets to house a wide range of different tools including pipe wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, level, drill, and many more.

This seemingly new invention has only been around for a couple of years. Nevertheless, there are many different brands that made their own version of this job site must-have. One of them is Rugged Tools.

About Rugged Tools

Rugged Tools is a trusted brand that offers two kinds of a tool backpack—the Pro Tool Backpack and the Tradesman Backpack. Both of these bags are carefully designed with the intention of being the leading tool bag for every busy contractor, HVAC specialist, plumber, electrician, and all-around handyman.

In this comprehensive review, we will be focusing on what the Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack and what it can offer. Below, you will find its many features, highlights, and some setbacks. We also compared it to a similar product in the same price range to find out how it stands out from the rest.

Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack

Now that you know the importance of investing in a tool backpack, you might want to consider getting this one from Rugged Tools. It offers a long list of features that would definitely give you the best bang for your buck.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Construction Using Professional-Grade Materials

Rugged Tools understands that what you will be carrying inside their backpack are bulky, hard, and heavy tools. That’s why they made sure that all their tools backpack were made to last for many years. It is engineered using a 1680D polyester, which means that it can carry heavy tools. Additionally, it is also resistant to water, fading, shrinking, stretching, mold, mildew, and abrasion.

Aside from its semi-hard shell case, this tool bag also boasts reinforced pockets and zippers, which make it a very sturdy, durable, and heavy-duty bag that can withstand even the toughest of abuses.

  • Plenty of Pockets for Many Kinds of Tools

This tool backpack has a total of 28 pockets, where 25 are dedicated for tools, 2 can be found outside, and another interior pocket that can hold important papers like construction permits, IDs, receipts or a small tablet.

  • Well Thought-Of Design

With your comfortability in mind, this tool bag is also designed with a padded back to provide you with all-day lumbar support. Additionally, its shoulder straps are also padded with dry-comfort, premium paddings so as not to hurt your shoulders when carrying heavy loads.

A sternum strap is also added to help balance and distribute the weight of the contents. There is also a top handle added for easy lifting and carrying around. It can be used by busy working men of all trades including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC repairman, and cable installers.

  • Molded, Hard Bottom

In order for the bag to support the combined weight of the tools, it was designed with a molded-hard bottom. This addition would also keep your backpack upright and safely away from the elements such as puddles of water.

Notable Highlights

  • Does not flop onto the ground when placed on the floor
  • Provides plenty of room for small to medium-sized tools
  • Comfortable to wear and carry even for long periods
  • Comes in a large enough size to carry all the essentials
  • Can be carried on the back or by hand
  • With heavy-duty zippers that will most likely last for years
  • Opens wide but not fully flat
  • Designed with zippered and Velcro closed pockets
  • Comes in eye-catching orange color for visibility

Minor Setbacks

  • Does not have a designated pocket for a drill and its battery
  • A little bit on the heavy side at approximately four pounds
  • Can only fit around two to three power tools such as drills and battery saw

Summary of the Features

The Tradesman Backpack by Rugged Tools is engineered to endure long-term, everyday use. It comes with lots of pockets in varying sizes to carry different kinds of tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. It is made from a sturdy material that does not shrink, stretch, fade, or absorb water.

The shoulder straps are designed with premium paddings to ensure total comfort. It also has a hard bottom that not only protects it from the elements but also keeps the bag upright.

Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack vs. Other Similar Products

Having almost the same features as the Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack is a tool bag from Klein Tools. It boasts a total of 35 pockets in varying sizes to hold different tools at the same time. It comes with an orange-colored exterior to help you find your tools easily. Additionally, it also has a zippered pocket at the front to keep small items such as pencils.

Similar to the Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack, it also has a molded bottom made from tough and durable material to protect the contents from outside elements. It is specially designed for technicians, contractors, plumbers, and handymen.

The Verdict

Even though the Rugged Tools bag has fewer pockets, we’d still choose it over the one from Klein Tools. The reason behind this is that the Tradesman Backpack is still larger in size, having overall dimensions of 8 by 12.5 by 18 inches. This means that it can carry larger items such as a power drill, battery saw, and other power tools.

Additionally, the Rugged Tools Tradesman Backpack is also lighter at only 3.95 pounds compared to the one from Klein Tools, which weighs 4.38 pounds.

In the end, the decision rests upon your shoulders and your specific needs and preferences. We just hope that we have been of help to you and that you soon find the best tool bag that will give you the most value for your money. Good luck!

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