Tool Bag vs Tool Box

Tool Bag vs. Tool Box

The tool bag vs. tool box debate is an issue many tradesmen and women like to argue about. Which is the best way to carry your tools?

Although each person has their own preference, tool bags are better for some things and tool boxes for others. Comparing the pros and cons of both types of tool carriers will help you choose one that best suits your needs while at the same time meets your expectations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tool Carrier: Tool Bag vs. Tool Box

Below are some factors that are worth thinking about to help you decide between a tool bag and tool box as a tool storing and carrying option.

Amount of Space it Takes Up

If you have a lot of room for tools in a dedicated tool shed, adding a portable toolbox inside the shed won’t be a problem. However many people don’t have the luxury of extra space for their tools, let alone space for a tool box.

A tool bag is a space-saving option as it is not as bulky as a tool box. If you only have the cabinet under your sink or a small space inside your car for a toolkit, a tool bag is your best bet.

Number of Tools You Need to Store

Those who only need the basic tools to use for home repairs can opt for a small and handy tool box to keep all the essentials. Otherwise, people who find themselves adding more and more tools to their collection are better off investing in a tool bag as it has more free space to accommodate the extra tools.

Tool bags are also capable of expanding and carrying more weight compared to tool boxes. So if you plan to add more tools to the ones you already have, a tool bag is a better investment.


When it comes to their durability, the tool bag vs. tool box debate is at a standstill. Each type of tool carrying case has its advantages. A tool box is sturdy and holds its shape even when stacked with heavy items. A tool bag on the other hand can withstand being dropped without it shattering.

The Difference in Handle Material

A tool box is mostly made out of durable plastic and the same goes with its handle. This can offer great support especially if the tool box’s handle is ergonomically designed, but the weight of the tools can cause the plastic material to dig into the skin.

A tool bag’s handle on the other hand is made with softer materials like heavy-duty polyester. This makes carrying a little easier on the hands compared to the plastic handle of a tool box.

Organizing Capability

A toolkit is nothing if it cannot organize tools properly. In this aspect the tool box comes out on top when compared to the tool bag. A tool box has special compartments for specific tools and accessories. This allows for proper organization and easy access to tools.

Tool bags on the other hand have a tendency to become messy because tools fall into the main compartment. This makes it harder to look for tools, especially when you have a big collection.

Pockets vs. Compartments

Tool bags have pockets that are adjustable and more flexible when it comes to storing larger tools. Toolbox compartments on the other hand have a specific size meant for specific tools. This means that a tool box is less flexible than a tool bag when it comes to storing tools and accessories of varying sizes.

Different Types

Tool boxes come in two forms: small, easy to carry, boxes and large boxes with wheels. Both boxes tend to occupy a lot of space but are both very functional.

The most common types of tool bags are the hand carry bag and the backpack to also allow users to choose whether they want to support the weight of the tools on their arms or on their back.

As far as the tool bag vs. tool box debate goes, the only way to answer is that the best for you depends on your needs and preferences. If you like to stick to the traditional method of tool storing, a tool box should be your choice. If you prefer something new and flexible go with a tool bag instead.

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