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The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack: A Closer Look

The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack: A Closer Look

A toolbox is awesome—it’s handy, it allows you to bring all the tools you need aside from keeping them safe, and it can be easily stowed in your shed. However, carrying it around can strain your arms and back as the weight is only at one side, not to mention it takes one or both of your hands, prisoners.

We understand that the conventional toolboxes are the go-to container for your tools. But what if there is a tool case that can turn the unfortunate side effects around? A case that will allow you not just to free both of your hands but to free yourself from the arm and back strain. Would you like to have that? Or does it sound too good to be true for you?

A tool backpack may not be the most common thing you see in your workplace, but it doesn’t mean it does you no good.

Why Make The Switch?

A toolbox can be heavy and as we have mentioned, lugging it around can strain your arms and back. You may also have to remove a lot of stuff from it just to get that wrench you need. Additionally, it is easy to overlook flimsy toolbox locks which may render your tools shattered on the floor!

Clearly, backpacks have great advantages over toolboxes. These include:

  • Setting both your hands, free

Carrying a toolbox requires you to use at least one hand while carrying a tool backpack don’t. Two free hands get more things done than one.

  • Helping you climb ladders without a problem

If you need a toolbox, more often than not, you also need a ladder to get the job done. With a tool backpack, climbing ladders won’t be an issue since you have both of your hands, free.

  • Preventing arm and back strain

If you have a bad back, carrying a heavy toolbox can aggravate it! Meanwhile, a tool backpack will evenly distribute the weight to your whole body, sparing an arm or your back of the strain.

  • Giving you easy access 

Backpacks have multiple zippers and pockets. These help you organize your equipment more efficiently. You can place the more often used tools in the easily accessed compartments for convenience.

  • Organizing your tools better 

We typically dump everything in our hallow toolboxes, thus losing small items eventually. On the other hand, tool backpacks have smaller pockets to for those little items. Fishing for nails, screws, bolts, and nuts are a thing of the past.

  • Storing capability

If you are looking for more space for your tools, a bigger backpack may be able to accommodate more, if not all, of them. And isn’t it just convenient to carry everything in one backpack when going to work?

With all those said, let’s now focus on one of the best tool backpacks on the market today; the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack. In this article, we have included a brief background of the manufacturer and the product’s features, pros, and cons.

The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack

In the 1920s, Raymond DeWalt, founder of the DeWalt company, had the vision to simplify things using powered tools. In 1922, he finally perfected a woodworking machine that increased the productivity and versatility of factories by multiple times! With the same vision to make things simpler, DeWalt has become a leading brand of power tools that provide great assistance at home and work.

Add to further help professionals with carrying their tools and equipment, they also design tool backpacks, such as the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack, for more convenience.

Product Features

This Dewalt Lighted Tool Backpack, as the product name suggests, has a light attached to the bag. This light can be turned on to increase your visibility. It can also be directed towards your work area to illuminate what you are working on or towards inside your bag to help you locate your tools. Additionally, the light has three modes that can cover a large workplace. With a maximum output of 39 lumens, it can illuminate an area well.

Its carrying handles are made of tough, padded web material. The shoulder straps are wide and padded too for maximum comfort while you carry your bag around. Moreover, the base of the bag is fitted with a rubber material to protect the bag from abrasion and help it stand upright firmly.

It has a total of 57 pockets that can accommodate all of your tools and equipment. There are 48 tool holders inside and nine easy-access outside pockets.

This bag can hold everything you need from hand drills, extension wires, wrenches, pliers, lugs, bolts, nuts, and other important stuff you need for work!

Pros & Cons


  • Wide shoulder strap
  • Fitted light attachment that has three modes
  • 57 total pockets
  • Made of durable materials
  • known manufacturer


  • Zippers are not of best quality
  • Need a bit more padding on the back


The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack, as the name suggests, has a light attached to it. This light has a maximum output of 39 lumens. Its handles, as well as shoulder straps, are made of padded web material for your maximum comfort. Moreover, the base of the bag is fitted with a rubber material to protect the bag from abrasion. It also has a total of 57 pockets, 48 tool holders inside and nine easy-access outside pockets.


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The CLC model 1132 of Custom Leathercraft, a company that manufactures good-quality tool backpacks, features 75 pockets that can contain more tools versus the 57 pockets of DeWalt’s. However, the former doesn’t have a light attached to the bag, unlike the latter item.

Hence, the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack’s advantage over the CLC model 1132 is its light feature as this enables you to work on dark areas without a problem.


Switching from a toolbox to a tool backpack will definitely give you a lot of advantages. However, switching from a toolbox to a tool backpack with light is just taking things to the next level!

To simply put it, using a tool backpack with a light such as this DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack, is more convenient and efficient than using a conventional toolbox. Plus the fact that you can get more job done because you can use both your hands.


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