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Random Orbital Sanders

Do you need to fix a damaged floor or some kitchen furniture at home? You can always do it yourself if you have a sander. There are many types of sanders sold today, but the random orbital sander is one of the most functional tools you need.

When compared to the other sanders like the orbital and belt sanders, the random belt sanders are a more convenient choice. It leaves fewer swirl marks and has a three-way function. You can use it for polishing, used as a rapid stock remover, and dust extractor system.

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

It is handy and comes with a combined function of both a belt sander and the orbital sander. This type of sander has a high speed and gives perfect smoothness. The random orbital sander comes with amazing features, and this is what makes it the most preferred type of sander. The tool is designed with circular standing discs that orbit and rotate. This orbiting and rotating function leaves your sanding sheets smooth and scratch-free.

What Can You Do With a Random Orbital Sander?

You can use a random orbital sander for many types of repairs, but primarily, it is great for polishing. The sandpaper can be easily replaced by inserting a sponge or pad for polishing. You can use it easily to sand opposing grain conveniently. It won’t leave any scratch marks, and you can also use the coarser grits without leaving any deep scratches.

You can use the random orbital sander for preparing surfaces before and after painting, and it is also good for ultra-smooth sanding. You can use it on metal, wood, or even plastic. This sander can be used for different applications a d even to restore headlight transparency.

How Do You Use This Sander?

Using the random orbital sander for the first time, needs some getting used to. It takes some time to master the controls, but after that, it won’t be a problem anymore.

Place On Workpiece Before Switching On Device

Before you undertake any serious project, it is better to do a little practice with your tool. Put the sander lying flat in your workpiece before turning on the switch. If you put it on before placing it on the surface, the sanding disc can end up tearing the edge of your workpiece or damage or work surface if you are using softwood or veneer.

Get a Foam Carpet Pad

If you will be working with smaller workpieces, you should place a foam carpet pad or a router pad under the workpiece before turning on the sander. This is to prevent the workpiece from sliding off while you are sanding.

Wear Safety Gear

You need to put safety first when working with sanders. It would be best to have your safety goggles, wear protective clothing, and a dust mask when working with your sander.

Store Properly

After using your random orbital sander, you should store it properly. The cords should be removed from your workspace to avoid breaking or nipping the cord.

What Is The Best Random-Orbit Sander?

One of the things you should know when buying any random orbital sander is that it comes in three categories, the Right Angle Sanders, Pistol Grip Sanders, and Palm Grip Sanders (Battery-Powered). We will be looking at each of these types of random orbital sanders.

Right Angle Sanders

This type of sander is the most powerful of the three. It is built with very powerful motors and is recommended for heavy-duty tasks. You can use the right-angle sanders for large surfaces like fiberglass boats, tabletops, and auto-body panels. This type of random orbital sander is a replica of the angle grinders, and it comes in two diameter sizes of 5 and 6 inches, respectively. The right-angle sanders also have options of single and varying speeds.

Pistol Grip Sanders

The Pistol Grip Sanders are designed with a D-shaped handle for your convenience. This comfortable grip makes it easy to use this device. However, it is not as powerful as the right angle sander; instead, it is easier to control. You can use it for a variety of projects because it is versatile, and it is especially great for fine sanding furniture.

Palm Grip Sanders

The third category, sander, which is battery powered, is great for light handling. You can use it to fine sand your furniture and cabinetry. It is portable and has a more convenient control when compared to the other two. You can use it in difficult to reach areas because of its size. You can also find this option in cordless versions.

How To Choose A Random-Orbit Sander

Before you go ahead to buy a random orbital sander, there are some things to look out for. A random orbital sander looks very much like traditional orbital sanders; however, there is a difference, and it is important you know the difference between the two.

When you compare the two devices, the random orbital sander is known to give fewer swirl marks. It leaves a smoother surface after sanding, which is the reason why it is the most preferred for polishing. The orbital sander, on the other hand, will leave larger scratches. The random orbital sander is more convenient on self-stick sandpaper.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a random orbital sander.

Hook-and-Loop Disc

The random orbital sander has abrasive discs that are attached to it. It looks like a hook and loop system that makes it easy to change the grits without damaging its disc. The hook and loop disc are more expensive than the abrasive discs but are durable. You should check this part to ensure that the disc’s dust collection holes fit with the pad of the device.

Variable Speed

If you want to complete your sanding in the nick of time without damaging your veneer or other delicate surfaces, you can work with the sander’s variable speed control. This device comes with several speed ranges. It has a soft-start option that allows the machine to build up power gradually. This way, the power won’t be aggressive on your workpiece. You can control the speed to get better results and also reduce the amount of time to complete your sanding.

Cleaning Up Dust After Sanding

One thing you should know about random orbital sanders is that they tend to make a lot of dust. It would be best to have a dust collection system to vacuum after working. Some sanders have built-in exhaust fans that can suck in dust through its holes, and then you can deposit it in a dust collection can.


If you are wondering if the random orbital sander is worth buying, we recommend you get it, and for a good reason. This sander is very functional, and you can be sure to get the most from it. Whether you have a heavy-duty woodwork project or a light cabinetry job, the random orbital sander comes in handy.

You can choose among the three categories depending on how often you will need your sander. It will give the best and smoothest finishing, unlike the other sander types. We hope that with this guide, you can now decide if the random orbital sander is suitable for you.


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