Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag Review

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag Review

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag Review

You will notice these days that more and more tool manufacturing companies are investing their time in making a highly-durable and long-lasting tool bag. A tool bag is essential for any electrician or carpenter. It allows them to place their tools safely and comfortably travel with them to do their jobs.

You would think that you could use any bag as a tool bag, but that is not the case. Tool bags are quite different when it comes to the size, shape, type, brand, features, and number of compartments. Some bags are meant to carry all sorts of tools, while there are some which are designed to match the type of work you do.

If you are looking for a tool bag, we will make your job easier. We found one of the best tool bags called the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag., and we reviewed it in detail for you.

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag

Milwaukee Tool is in itself one of the industry-leading brands for heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories for home users and professionals all over the world. Their tools are known for their brilliant performance and durability. The company was founded almost a century ago in 1924 and continues to do well even today.

Amongst the countless products they sell, they have also begun to manufacture and sell tool bags. They have a plethora of options in different shapes, types, and sizes. These bags are known for their extremely strong built and its capability to hold different kinds of tools.


You would think that tool bags look average as their job is to carry tools only. However, the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag is a fantastic product that looks quite attractive and at the same time comes with quite a few features which you will certainly appreciate.

  • Size and Design

Among the best things about this tool bag is its design. If you have seen all of Milwaukee’s products, you are very well aware that they stick to red and black only. This is no different with this tool bag.

The bag has a black base along with a black strap, black handles, and a black zipper. The majority of the bag, including the interior, is in a bright and attractive red color. To give it more contrast, the brand’s logo, in white, is in the center.

In terms of its size, the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag measures at 23 x 12 x 12 inches. In spite of being such a strong bag, it is light in weight, weighing just two pounds. This ensures that the bag does not add to the weight when you are lugging around heavy tools.

  • Inside the Bag

The zippers fully open up which allows you easy access to the tools within. Organization-wise, there are six pockets altogether. The pockets ensure to keep all the tools well separated from each other. This further reduces any jostling or bumping, especially when the bag is in transit.

  • Handles

The bag comes with two handles which are attached on either side of it. These handles are reinforced with metal fasteners which allow you to lug it around wherever you go regardless of how many tools you put. These metal fasteners are also great since they keep the bag well secured even when it is at its full capacity.

  • Shoulder Strap

Along with the handles, the tool bag also comes with shoulder straps, which allow maximum ease of portability. What’s better is that this strap is detachable. So, if you are going to be at a job site where the strap could likely get tangled, then simply remove it and store it safely inside the bag.

  • Reinforced Bottom

There is always a worry at a job site that if you leave the bag on the ground, all the dust or even water can enter it and harm your tools. This is no longer a worry with the Milwaukee Tool Bag. The bag’s bottom is completely reinforced to keep everything inside safe.

  • Durable Zippers

The Milwaukee Tool Bag comes with an extra-long zipper system that will allow you to pack every nook and cranny in this bag and yet be able to close it thanks to the robustly constructed metal zippers that it comes with.

Pros & Cons


  • Attractive color and design
  • Quite light in weight
  • Organized and spacious interior
  • Meant for heavy duty use
  • Comes with strong side handles
  • Durable and detachable shoulder straps
  • Durable zippers


  • Extremely massive interior pockets
  • The product sometimes gets shipped without the long shoulder strap.
  • Doesn’t stand tall when fully shut


Keep all your tools safely with you at your job site with the help of the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag. This bag is quite large and comes with six individual pockets inside to keep all your tools well organized.

There are two side handles reinforced with metal fasteners and a long detachable shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag is reinforced as well to keep your tools safe from water and dust. Overall, this bag has an extremely strong built and will last for years.


To put the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag to test one more time, we compared it to the Workpro Multi-Pocket Tool Bag. Let’s begin by talking about their similarities. Both these bags come with side handles and a detachable shoulder strap. That’s about it.

Now the differences. The Workpro tool bag is much smaller in size. While it does come with side handles, it lacks metal fasteners which mean that it can’t hold a lot of weight. Additionally, the bag lacks a reinforced bottom to keep all the tools safe from harm. Lastly, the overall quality of this bag is also suspect, which is why we would advise you to steer clear from it.


You want the best for your expensive tools, which is why the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag is an ideal choice. This bag keeps everything well organized and secured. Similarly, its excellent quality and build ensure that your money is well spent.

We suggest you don’t think any further and buy this right away!

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