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Milwaukee 2767 vs 2763 Impact Wrench: A Comparison Guide

In numerous industrial workplaces and many DIY projects, as a skilled worker or ambitious handyman, you have most likely encountered a few stubborn bolts and nuts. Some may have rusted over years of neglect or torqued tightly to required specifications. Whichever the case, such bolts could prove difficult to undo with an ordinary hand-wrench.

Milwaukee produces the best solution that reduces laborious efforts and improves the time it takes to finish bigger projects. However, among their fine selection of impact wrenches, you might face the uncertainty of not knowing which option would best suit you. Here we will be comparing two of Milwaukee’s best selling models to make it easier to decide which belongs in your tool shed.

The choice will be between the 2767 high-torque model or the 2763 M18 model. Both of these models are top-quality products and provide enough power to get the job done. Therefore, choosing between them will be difficult, and the decision may come down to choosing for purpose, not quality.

Nonetheless, whichever you choose will satisfy the most basic needs of an impact wrench and might even exceed your expectations.

2767 High-Torque Impact Wrench

The construction of the 2767 provides you with everything you could want in a high-torque wrench. Despite its compact design, it offers you a high torque output for both fastening and loosening even the most stubborn of nuts and bolts. Even more, the small design allows you to use it in confined spaces, like the nooks of an automobile that would be hard to reach otherwise, or the tight spaces of a shelter or roof.

With a rated output of 1000lbs for fastening and 1400lbs of tightening, it may provide you with more power than most would even need. Don’t despair, though, because the tool’s design allows easy control by selecting between four drive settings.

These settings allow you precision control at all times, provided right at your fingertips within easy and quick reach. One setting will even allow you to decrease the drive speed when loosening bolts to 750 RPMs, preventing you from losing control once the bolt or nut is loose.

To improve the design even further, Milwaukee added a friction ring to the wrench’s design. This eliminates the need to apply pneumatic tools with especially tricky or rusted nuts. Not only is that convenient, but if you have never invested in pneumatic hardware, you now would never really have the need, which will save you money in the long run. The design also features protective coverings made from superior rubbers.

This protects the power tool and provides the user with long-lasting comfort that will allow you to use the wrench for a long day’s work. Milwaukee also provides two battery packs for the wrench, allowing you to continue working even while one battery is charging.

Your work will never be delayed again by a dry battery. If that is not convenient enough, the additional toolbag that comes with your purchase will do the trick.

Finding something wrong with this wrench would be hard, but unfortunately, for those who work with small or sensitive parts, the wrench’s power could prove too much. Secondly, it would have been far nicer if the carry bag was replaced with a hard case.

2763 M18 Impact Wrench

Designed with a mid-range torque output, the 2763 M18 might, however, surprise you with its strength. Like its stronger counterpart, the 2767, it is designed and made with the highest quality materials and assembled to provide precision.

With a reduced output, rated at 700lbs and 1000lbs, respectively, it would be much safer to use than the high-torque wrench. However, it does not lack power and is more than capable of doing whatever task is required. No doubt, this superior strength is provided by the installed Powerstate brushless motor, which not only works harder but is more efficient than outdated designs.

Coupled with a powerful battery pack, it will provide twice the amount of service time. Like its counterpart, it comes with an extra battery. Nonetheless, the reduced need for a continuous charge would make the extra pack seem redundant, but its inclusion is an extra, thoughtful bonus by the manufacturer.

The precision control offered by the wrench is controlled through the application of two drive settings, but despite the lack of options, it performs as required. However, the design is bigger and heavier, making it unsuitable to use in confined spaces and can become tiring to employ for long hours.

A comfortable rubber grip and protective casings make up for the effort of working with the 2763 M18. It also includes a friction ring in its design, adding the convenience of reducing the effort of laborious jobs and stubborn bolts or nuts.

Aside from the heavier and bigger design of the wrench, there is hardly anything wrong with it. It should be said, though, that the 2763 is more expensive than the 2767, which is a little odd. Considering that the M18 provides less power, one would expect it to be a little more affordable.


While both are good options, the overall better choice would come down to purpose. If you work with sensitive parts and equipment, the 2763 M18 would be the better choice. If you work in confined spaces, the compact design of the 2767 would prove to be quite handy.

Also, if the work or project you have undertaken needs to be rushed, the power of the high-torque wrench would be most useful. If you do long hours of work, you could either opt for the longer battery life provided by the M18 or the comfort of the 2767.

If the choice comes down to economics, the 2767 would also be the better choice. When it comes to durability, both models are a good option, whether for DIY homework or industrial use, either one would comply with your needs.

The choice of deciding which is the best remains your own, but the 2767 seems to be the far better option if the purpose is not a consideration. Not only is it more comfortable, compact, and more powerful, but it is also more affordable.


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