Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag Review

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag Review

Nowadays, the age-tested principle of working hard has been replaced by the new-age principle of work smart as you get to finish the job faster if you do it more efficiently. For carpenters, masons and handypersons, this means using a tool bag like the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag instead of the traditional toolbox that you are used to seeing them lug around.

These tool bags are more fashionable in a way, and they make these workers more mobile and more agile, enabling them to take on more jobs, thereby increasing their income simply by going out of the box. It is true that there are still some who prefer the old school feel of a trusty toolbox, but a rolling tool bag is a way to go if you want to be better at what you do.

Benefits of a Rolling Tool Bag

Rolling tool bags provide a convenient solution to an otherwise mundane and tiring task of lugging around tools and gears, especially if are working on multiple projects at the same time. These rolling bags also help preserve your energy which could be better spent in finishing the job rather than carrying a heavy box around the job site. Aside from these, here are some of the advantages of having a rolling tool bag:

Carries More Things

Carrying a big toolbox is very manly and speaks well of any construction-related profession, but so does having a rolling tool bag. It is much easier to drag this bag around than toolbox which can drain your energy reserves.

More Room, More Pockets

Rolling tool bags are larger than your average toolbox which means you have more room to put in more gears and tools inside. It also comes with a lot of pockets to place screws, nails, bolts, washers, and an assortment that you might need while on the job.


The different pockets and designs of the rolling tool bag allow it to be a plumber’s companion, electricians go bag and a carpenter’s hammer home. Its spacious interior can also be used for non-construction related jobs like delivering the post and crocheting, and it can also be used as a fishing tackle box.


Most rolling tool bags are made to be water-resistant so that you can tag them along even during harsh weather condition. The linings of the tool bag help prevent rust and corrosion, while the different pockets keep things neat and out of the way, especially when searching for something you need right away.

Fewer Trips

Having a rolling tool bag lessens your trip back and forth your main tool shed or from the hardware shop as it can carry almost everything for you. This saves you time that you would have spent traveling back and parking your truck which you could have spent to accomplish more tasks.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag Features

Having listed down the benefits of a rolling tool bag, here are some of the key features that the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag has:

  • Multiple Pockets

The Tradesman Pro bag has a total of 31 pockets, both inside and outside, with pockets located inside other pockets. These extra pockets let you organize your smaller equipment and tools, as well as the usual small assortment that a tool bag would have.

  • Rugged Wheels

This rolling tool bag comes with built-in 6-inch wheels that are easy to handle even when crossing rough terrain.

  • Molded Bottom

The bottom of this rolling tool bag is made of molded kick plate which helps protect the interior from the elements.

  • Wide Interior

The interior opens up easily and widely to accommodate larger tools and more equipment. Just zip up the heavy zipper to close it up. Several pockets are also located inside.

  • Optimal Visibility

The Tradesman Pro bag comes with the standard Klein Tools twist on and off LED light that helps during low lighting. The interior of this rolling tool bag is colored bright orange so that you can see the insides clearly.

  • Shoulder Strap

The rolling tool bag from Klein Tools comes with a padded shoulder strap so that you can carry the bag easily if you cannot roll it around.

  • Durable Material

This bag is made of durable 1680D ballistic weave construction which guarantees that this bag can take the abuse of the construction site.


  • Deep and tight pockets
  • Sturdy wheels that go over anything
  • Looks professional
  • Excellent handle
  • Well-constructed unit
  • Lots of pockets
  • Appealing colors
  • Nice tape holder
  • Feels stable and sturdy
  • Functional and well-thought-of
  • Larger than expected


  • Hard to balance stuff inside
  • The main zipper is too small.
  • Hard to organize
  • Pretty heavy with the molded bottom
  • Zippers are hard to close
  • Can be wider
  • Interior pockets should be placed closer to the bottom


The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag can carry a load of up to 100 pounds or about 45 kilograms on the inside plus another 100 pounds on top of that. This rolling tool bag is made of reinforced metal and 1680D ballistic weave which makes it pretty durable.

The numerous pockets and the heavy-duty wheels make this tool bag a helpful organizing companion, and the bright orange interior makes it easy to see your tools, especially if the LED light is twisted to face the inside of the bag. The same light has a swivel hook and magnet that let you use it hands-free, while the fully molded kick plate at the bottom ensure that the interior remains safe and dry.


The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag can be compared to the XtremepowerUS Wide Mouth Rolling Tool Bag, especially since both rolling tool bags have mouths that can open wide and are made of heavy-duty materials. The XtremepowerUS bag has nine external pockets and ten internal pockets for great organization options, while the telescopic handle complements the heavy-duty wheels attached to it.

The XtremepowerUS bag is made of water-resistant polyester and comes in a backpack version as well. The interior of both the rolling bag and the backpack bag versions have dividing rooms and lots of pockets to help you organize your stuff.


The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag is the better bag than the XtremepowerUS Wide Mouth Rolling Tool Bag as it is larger, measuring 19.9 x 16.3 x 11 inches, at least an inch larger in all dimensions compared to the XtremepowerUS bag. The bright orange interior and the hands-free LED light are also great complements to the overall function of the bag.

The materials and the rugged wheels, as well as the molded bottom of the Klein Tools bag, create a unique bag that is both durable and professional-looking, with all the extra pockets that you can run out of use for. The XtremepowerUS bag may come in a backpack form, but you don’t want to subject your back to all the heavy tools that you need to carry.

Rolling tool bags have come to replace the traditional tool boxes from the days of old, with more organizational tools and fancier designs, as well as attachments that make life a lot easier. Being able to carry all the tools that you could need all at once makes you work smarter as well, letting you finish one job after another because of all the time you have saved from going back and forth for tools that will never fit in a box.

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