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Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag Review

Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag Review

Working a job that requires you to handle tools all the time means you need to store your tools safely and wisely. Being unorganized with your tools is a rookie mistake that usually leads to a lot of time wasted looking for the tool you need or worse, accidents.

Organization is the key to efficiency, especially for workers who have deadlines or are dealing with time-sensitive projects. Losing valuable time due to having to dig around in a disorganized tool case can also mean losing clients. Plus, if you don’t keep your tools in the right place you can lose them and have to spend money on replacements.

It is no secret that tool bags are must for carpenters, electricians and other workers who need quick and easy access to their tools. The challenge for many is finding one that fits all their tools and their budget.

To make the search for a tool bag easier this review will give you some insight into the Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag. Here you can determine whether this is the right tool bag for you after learning about its different features, advantages and disadvantages.

Features of the Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag

  • Heavy-duty and durable tool bag
  • Made using durable 600D fabric
  • Endures intense wearing and tearing
  • Sturdy and rigid base is also waterproof to protect tools from liquids
  • Tool bag opens wide to allow easy access even for large tools and tools at the bottom
  • Secured by a top zipper
  • Comes with multiple pockets and a main compartment: 16 smaller compartments for organizing and an open interior perfect for large power tools
  • Also stores a variety of small and medium tools
  • Soft fabric handles for comfortable carrying
  • Padded shoulder straps allow for long-distance carrying
  • Bag dimensions: 14” wide x 5” deep x 12” high (10” when closed)


The Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag is the perfect carrying and storing tool bag for workers who are always on the move.

It is very sturdy with a hard bottom that is also waterproof. This allows workers to put the bag on damp surfaces without worrying about water damaging their tools. Its waterproof design also makes is a safe place to store battery-operated or corded power tools without worrying about damage or short circuits.

When it comes to storage capacity, the Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag is also very impressive. It has more than enough room to carry all the necessary tools for a job and some extra space for accessories like flashlights and walkie-talkies.

The exterior color is also very attractive and allows users to spot the bag even from a distance so searching for your tool bag in the middle of a construction zone is not a problem.

The issue with carrying heavy tools for long distances is addressed by the padded shoulder strap. This allows you to carry all your tools at once and still feel comfortable while walking long distances.

The Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag is a very handy and portable tool bag. Its different pockets allow users to stay organized even with multiple tools inside the bag. The tool bag’s zippers are also very sturdy and close very smoothly which reduces the struggle during clean-up.

Those who are always on the move and need to have their tools on hand and have easy access to different tools within seconds will find this tool bag very useful. Finally, this tool bag is very affordable so investing in it won’t be too hard on your pocket.


The Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag has impressed a lot of people who constantly work with tools, but there are some issues worth noting. First of all, the bag’s pockets are too shallow to keep some larger tools safely in place. If the tools are not strategically organized inside the bag they may fall out of the pockets and get lost in the main compartment.

Also, if the pockets are filled with too many tools it leaves little room for the main compartment. Try different organization placements for your tools to increase the efficiency of use and improve access to them.

Also take note that although the Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag can store a large number of small to medium-sized tools it might not have enough room for bigger power tools. If you plan to use the tool bag for a couple of large power tools they may not fit inside.

Those who work with heavy and big power tools should not rely solely on this bag to fit all their tools and should instead look for a larger bag that is designed to carry power tools.


The Internet’s Best Soft Sided Tool Bag is a great option for workers who need to carry small to medium-sized tools. It is heavy-duty, has a waterproof bottom and is very affordable. You can’t go wrong with giving this tool bag a try.


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