Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag Review

Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag Review

Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag

Having a decent set of tools is a great thing, regardless if you are a professional or just a DIY fanatic. Then again, just having them isn’t enough, you also need to store them the right way so as to protect them.

You very well know how frustrating it can be having all your tools dumped in a box randomly and then spending precious time finding something as small as a screwdriver in that mess. Properly storing tools comes with several benefits, which is why having a tool organizer storage bag is an absolute must.

Having all your tools stored properly in a bag will not just help you find it quickly, but it will also keep them in good condition for a long time. If you are on the market to find yourself a tool organizer storage bag, then look no further as we will be reviewing the Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag in this article.

Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag

Huijia is a brand that is based in China. This is a small brand that exclusively sells its products on online shopping sites. They are known for their fantastic range of bags, which include tool storage bags, multifunctional bags, travel backpacks, and many more.

In addition, they also sell stylish and decorative ribbons. Huijia is also a manufacturer of stylish Christmas ornaments.

One of the best things about this brand is that their products have a simple and neat design, but most importantly, every single one of their products is budget-friendly. You can be certain that these will not break the bank.

Even with the low costs, they have not cut corners with the quality. All of Huijia products are known to last for years. Among these is the Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag.


It is imperative that your tool bag is safe, neat, and reliable. It also should give you the peace of mind as the tools should be all safe and well-organized so that there is no worry about misplacing any one of them. Most important of all, your tool bag should be easy to carry around too.

The Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag is an excellent tool bag that is available in multiple sizes and colors. Furthermore, it has an excellent build that will last for a long time.

  • Size and Design

One of the most interesting things about this bag is that it is available in multiple sizes. It starts from XS and goes all the way up to XL. For this review, we tried out the large size bag.

This bag measures in at 17.7 x 11 x 3.1 inches and weighs a little less than two pounds. This is great as you can choose the size as per the number of tools you own.

Color-wise, you can choose between various colors such as reds, blacks, and blues. There is also a slight difference in each design.

  • Materials Used

This tool bag is made using a 600D Oxford fabric. This helps in increasing its wear resistance and also makes it waterproof. This is great as it provides the bag with ultimate durability and toughness.

There is a double reinforcement of the external hand-held weaving belt with sleeve. Its base is made with PE, which keeps the bag quite sturdy. Most important of all, it helps protect all the tools inside the bag if it does have a hard fall.

  • Bottom Design

The design on the bottom of this bag features five rubber blocks. This helps in preventing any damage to the bag’s fabric that could be caused by direct friction between the ground and the bag. This is a great feature to have that keeps the bag dry and clean.

  • Pockets

There is a total of 18 pockets in and on this tool bag. There are three pockets each on the back and the front. On each side, there is one pocket. There are 12 pockets on the outside that help in organizing a variety of tools and accessories.

  • Zipper

The bag comes with a superior and smooth YKK zipper, which offers a smooth opening and closing. This is suitable for hydroelectric fitters and repairmen. It also has a special collapsible design that makes storing this bag a piece of cake.

  • Wide Open Mouth

This tool bag comes with a wide-open mouth that makes it easy to store things within. This is particularly great to store larger-sized tools, such as a drill, with absolute ease.

Pros & Cons


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Has numerous pockets inside and outside
  • Completely waterproof
  • Has a wide-open mouth
  • Sturdy and durable base with rubber blocks
  • Built using only high-end materials
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Has a wide strap handle


  • The zipper could be a bit better
  • Does not run true to size

Summary of the Features

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If you are looking for a simple yet durable tool bag, then we recommend you check out the Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag. This bag comes with 18 pockets altogether, which are placed on the outside, inside, and on the side of the bag.

The bag is available in multiple sizes and colors. It is completely waterproof and comes with a durable base with rubber blocks to avoid friction with the ground. The bag is built using only high-end materials, and it has a wide-open mouth for quick and easy storage. Lastly, the bag comes with a YKK zipper.

Comparison with a Similar Tool Bag

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We compared the Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag to the Workpro Close Top Storage Tool Bag. On the surface, both these bags are quite similar. But upon a closer look, there are quite a few differences. Let us shed some light on them.

For starters, the Workpro bag has lesser pockets compared to its counterpart. Furthermore, it also lacks the wide-open mouth for easy storage and accessibility.

There is only one size and color that is available. Lastly, the overall build is also suspect, which makes us wonder how long the bag will actually last. We suggest you steer clear from this tool bag.


A tool bag is extremely important if you have quite a few tools. It will keep each of them well organized and safe.

With the Huijia Tool Organizer Storage Bag, you can be certain that it will keep your tools safe. In addition, its strong build will ensure it lasts for years, making it a wise buy.

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