How To Use A Staple Gun: Tips For First-Timers

How To Use A Staple Gun

A staple gun is a useful tool for those who love repairing home and office items—basically for individuals who enjoy repairing things. Some people have been meaning to learn how to use a staple gun so that they can work and create something with their hands during their spare time. Fortunately, using it is no rocket science, and anyone can learn how to use the tool.

If you are one of those who want to buy or learn how to use it, then you would be happy to know that it is fairly simple. Below are some pointers.

Choosing A Staple Gun

Those who are eager to buy a staple gun would be happy to know that there are plenty of products to choose from on the market. However, one has to determine first what kind of staple gun they want to have. After all, there are different kinds of staple guns like battery-operated, electric, compressed air and manual type. These products also boast of different features and buyers should know ahead of time what features they would like a staple gun to have.

For example, manual staple guns need more force or pressure when being used against hard surfaces. On the other hand, some electric and battery-operated ones would have a pressure adjust system where users can adjust the pressure they need depending on the materials they are working on. This feature eliminates the need to apply pressure with the use of the hands and arms. Users who dislike having to work manually and applying pressure is better off buying an electric or battery-operated staple gun.

Some staple guns can also accommodate and use different staple shapes like D-type and T-type, to name a few. On the other hand, other staple guns can only accommodate one kind of staple wire.

How To Use a Staple Gun: Two-Step Thing

Step 1: Load it with the wires.

One needs to open the body of the gun by locating the latch and pressing it hard. After which, the user has to find the release button and squeeze it until he or she finds the tray for the wire. Now place the staple wires on the tray and ensure that it is appropriately placed and leveled well against the gun’s carriage. Now close the body of the gun until you hear the clicking sound. It is essential to wait and hear the clicking sound as it signifies that the carriage is locked correctly.

Step 2: Time to start stapling.

This begins by leveling the gun on the surface that you need to staple. Squeeze the trigger after leveling the gun. Keep in mind that the pressure you need would depend on the material you are working on.

If you are using an electric and automatic staple gun that has a pressure adjusting system, then it is best first to adjust the pressure. If you are using a manual staple gun, then you might need to exert more pressure when stapling against hard materials like hardwood.

Tips for Proper Use of A Staple Gun: Ensuring Safety

Tools need proper care and handling, and the staple gun is no exception to this rule. One has to learn how to use a staple gun properly to avoid any mishaps, damage or injuries. Keep in mind that staple guns are used against a variety of materials and accidents can happen. It would be best for users to follow these safety tips and precautions when using this tool:

  • Users should not leave the staple gun unattended or lying around anywhere in the house or office.
  • It should never be used as a toy.
  • Users should not point it to any person even when it has not been loaded.
  • Most staple guns have the lock feature, and it is highly recommended that users make use of this feature even when the tool is not being used.
  • To avoid any accidental firing of the guns, users must keep their finger far from the gun’s trigger when they are not using it for stapling.
  • Make sure to use the proper size and type of staple wires for your gun. Do not attempt to fit staple wires that do not match the staple gun as the wires can get stuck or worse the gun will be damaged.
  • Read the product’s manual provided by the manufacturer before using the tool. This holds true for staple guns. Many people make the mistake of using the staple gun without reading the instruction guide or product manual on how to use the staple gun. This practice, however, may result in damage to the tool or injury to the user.

Other Practical Tips

  • Inspection

Users must take the time to inspect the electric cord of the electric staple guns to check if it is already frayed or have holes on it. If the cord already has exposed wires or is frayed, then it is best to avoid using the staple gun. Using the tool with defective or damaged electrical cord can cause accidental electrocution.

  • Safety Glasses On

It is also highly recommended for users to wear safety glasses always when stapling to prevent injuries from splinters. Plus, one must take the time to inspect the item they are stapling. There might be some electric wires they would damage when stapling, which can cause injuries when stapled.

  • Kids-free

Just like with any tools, the staple gun must be kept away from children and stored in a place where the kids cannot find it. It is also important to tell kids that the staple gun is not a toy that they can play.

  • Unplug

For those using an electric staple gun, always remember to unplug the tool when not in use. It does not matter whether you will be using it again after five minutes. It is important to unplug the tool when not in use.

Whatever tool you are using or planning on using, it is always best to find out not just its features but the proper way to use it. Otherwise, you might just be waiting for a disaster to happen.

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