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How to Remove Drawers from a Craftsman Tool Box

Craftsman tool boxes are made strong and rugged, so they will last for a lifetime and keep your tools organized. However, sometimes tools get stuck behind the drawers, or pieces may fall through, and you need to get them out.

That is when you need to remove the drawers from the toolbox. However, if you cannot remember where you put the manual, it can get a bit tricky. We took it on ourselves to show you how to remove those stubborn drawers in quick and easy steps.

So, keep on reading to find out how to do it and never struggle to get those drawers out again. Here is how to remove drawers from a Craftsman Tool Box.

To Open Drawers With Levers

These are the easiest drawers on a Craftsman toolbox to remove and can be done in a few simple steps. The best of all is that you do not even need any tools to remove toolbox drawers.

  1. The first step is to open the drawer and remove all the contents.
  2. Then you need to pull the drawer evenly and completely open towards you.
  3. When the drawer is completely extended, the levers on each side will be exposed on the side rail.
  4. Now you need to push down on the right-hand lever and lift up the left-hand side lever simultaneously. This must happen while you pull the drawer completely out and free from the rails.
  5. To put it back, just line it up with the slides and push the drawer in. Make sure the drawer works fine by opening and closing it.

That is how easy it is to remove a drawer on the newer models of Craftsman toolboxes. You will find that those working with tabs can be done the same way without the use of a tool.

You just need to press the tabs on both sides at the same time and pull the drawer free from the slides.

To Open Drawers With Clips

Drawers with clips will come out the same way those with levers come out. Just follow the steps for those with levers and press the clips simultaneously, then the drawers will come out.

How To Remove a Drawer With Friction Slides

To remove this type of drawers is a bit more complicated and you will need a special tool. This tool can be made from a thin brass strip of about a quarter-inch wide or you can use an old hacksaw blade.

Give the brass strip or hacksaw blade a slight bend about one inch away from the tip. This will help to push the metal clip on the side of the drawer out of the way.

  1. Pull the drawer open until it is completely extended.
  2. Now push it back just a few inches to just over a third open.
  3. You will see on the slide an oblong-shaped hole.
  4. With the drawer in that position, push the brass strip in the slide a few inches to the back.
  5. Push it in until it passes the hole in the side of the slide.
  6. With the strip in that position, pull the drawer forward at the side you are working on.
  7. While holding the strip in position with your finger, pull the drawer towards you.
  8. This should pull the drawer free from the clip located there.
  9. Do the same thing on the other side and the drawer will be free to remove completely.
  10. To put it back, you simply line it up with the slide on both sides and push it in.

You can buy such a tool from the hardware store if you cannot make it yourself. See the following video if you are still unsure of how to do it.

How To Get a Stuck Drawer Out

If you stored your toolbox upside down or it fell over, you will find that the drawers will lock. For this, you need to go in at the bottom of the toolbox to unlock the safety mechanism.

You will find that the drawers will not open at all, so you will have to remove the bottom drawer first. At the back of the drawer, you will find a little hook and a spring-loaded lever.

This lever is attached inside the backside of the toolbox, and hooks attached to it will hook into the drawer. So when you tilt the toolbox on its back, it will lock the drawers in place for safety purposes.

You just need to bend the bottom hook down and it will release the second-lowest drawer. This will allow you to open the drawer and grant you access to it.

With the lower drawer out of the way, you simply need to push the spring-loaded lever at the back. This will allow all the other drawers to become unlocked or unstuck, so you will be able to open them.

For complete instructions on this, see the following Youtube video on how to unlock a toolbox.

Some Useful Tips

Some people will tell you to bend the metal tap on the friction slides to remove the drawer easily. You should not do that because it will prevent the drawer from working properly when you put it back.

Make sure you empty the drawer before you remove it completely because if it is loaded, it might be too heavy. This way, you can hurt yourself if the drawer is unexpectedly heavier than you think, and you may let it fall.

This is where the next hint comes in; always make sure you are working on a sturdy and even surface. You should also have enough space in front of the toolbox where the drawer can be placed after removing it.

If you want to install casters on your Craftsman toolbox will have to remove all the drawers completely.


Hopefully, this will help you in the future, so you do not need to struggle and quickly remove the drawers. There is no shame in asking someone else if you do not know how to do something.

We all need to start at some point, so this is your first step into becoming a Craftsman toolbox expert.


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