How To Reload A Staple Gun: A Beginners Guide

How To Reload A Staple Gun

Staple guns are handy to have at home or even at work. This tool is useful when one wants to do some minor repairs or engage in some do-it-yourself jobs. However, some people have been eyeing this tool but have not bought it because they do not know how to use it. If you are one of those who would like to get a staple gun but is thinking twice about doing so, then you will be happy to know that using a staple gun is easy. Learning how to reload a staple gun is not a difficult thing to do.

How To Reload A Staple Gun: Quick And Easy Guide

  • Reloading A Bottom-Loading Electric Stapler

Stapler guns come in different types such as electric, battery-powered and manual. They also have different designs and features.

Some staple guns have the loading bottom mechanism. Beginners or first-time users sometimes fret on how to load this kind of gun especially if it’s an electric kind of staple gun. What first-timers should keep in mind is that when loading a gun, they have to unplug the cord to avoid any possible electrocution. Never load an electric staple gun that is still plugged into the socket as doing so may cause harm and injury.

Here are the simple steps to reload an electric stapler with a bottom-loading mechanism:

Step 1: Find the magazine release.

This is often a button which releases the clip of the magazine holding the stapler. This button is usually found at the back of the magazine and requires either pulling or pushing to depress.

Step 2: After pressing the magazine release button, slide out the magazine.

You only need to keep pressing the button until you can release the magazine out of the staple gun.

Step 3: Turn or flip the staple gun the other way to insert the staple wire.

Fit the staple by inserting the leg first. Make sure that you have placed the staple properly to avoid jamming. Then, slide the magazine back to where you got it until you hear the clicking sound. Make sure to listen carefully for the click sound as it indicated that you were able to clip the magazine properly into its place.

Step 4: Take the cord and plug it into the socket to test the gun.

Start stapling to check if the staples do come out one wire at a time. You can test it by using a small piece of wood or any material that resembles the thickness of the actual piece you will be stapling on. For example, if you intend to staple a hardwood, then find a similar material or a scrap of the same hardwood to use for your test.

  • Reloading A Front-Loading Stapler

On the other hand, some guns come with a front-loading mechanism rather than a bottom-loading one. Rookies should not panic as loading this kind of staple gun is as easy as loading a bottom-loading staple gun.

Step 1: Take out the tape covering the front of the magazine.

Often, many product makers cover the part with tape to protect the gun from damage or accidental scratching.

Step 2: Locate the button that releases the magazine.

This button is often found at the rear part of the gun and is usually small. Press the button and wiggle the magazine. Keep in mind that some staple gun of this kind varies as some require pushing or pulling of the magazine. After wiggling the magazine, then pull it out.

Make sure that you do this gently because applying to much force in taking out the magazine can cause damage to the gun. In cases where the magazine is already stuck, you will need to fish it out gently using a flat head screwdriver.

Step 3: Place the staples on the magazine and push it back inside the stapler.

Make sure you hear a clicking sound to ensure that you have closed the magazine correctly.

Step 4: Test the gun to check if you were able to load the gun properly.

You can take a piece of cardboard or scrap wood to test the item. If the staples are not coming out properly, then you will need to reload the tool.

An Important Tip

How to reload a staple gun is a simple task to do. However, many people forget the basic thing to do before using this tool.

Users should take the time to read the product manual or instructional guide before reloading or even using a staple gun. Many people make the mistake of taking out the tool and using it before even reading the instruction provided by the product maker.

The instruction or product manual contains a lot of helpful information. It often lists the parts of the gun so users would know where to find it. For example, a product manual would point out where the release button of the magazine is located. There is also a portion of the product guide that lists the steps in reloading a staple guide.

Other Useful Rules

Aside from reading the manual, it is also useful to know some safety rules in using a staple gun.

If you are using an electronic gun, then it is highly recommended to remove or turn-off the tool and unplug it from the socket when not in use. The same step should be taken when reloading the gun.

Do not leave the staple gun anywhere. The item must be properly stored when not in use especially when there are kids at home who can mistake it for a toy. Parents should also warn children that this tool is not a toy. Similarly, users should not play with the gun such as pointing it to a person like a gun. It is a tool and should not be used for play or fun.

It is highly recommended as well to use some protective gear for the eyes when using a staple gun. Some particles may fly out when being stapled and can hit the eyes and cause injuries. Also, users should also refrain from placing their finger on the trigger when they are not stapling.

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