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How to Organize Drill Bits

Organization is very important. If you work in construction, or simply enjoy crafting as a hobby, having an organized collection of drill bits is essential for efficient and productive work. Here are some quick and simple ways on how to organize drill bits.

How To Group Your Drill Bits

There are various ways that you can group your pieces.

For example, you could simply separate them into drill bits that are used for hard wood and drill bits that are used for soft wood.

If you would like your collection to be slightly more organized, you could also group your pieces according to their countersink size. For example, you would store all 1/4 drill bits in one place and all 5/16 drill bits in a separate location. When the time comes that you need a specific 5/16 drill bit, you won’t have to rummage through all of your 1/4 pieces in order to find it.

Your bits can also be organized according to their shape. For example, all tapered bits should be kept together and all straight bits should be kept together.

Drill Bit Containers

If you wish for optimal organization, a drill bit container is a must. It can be used to hold all your pieces, making sure that you don’t lose or misplace them. You can even separate your drill bits into groups and store them accordingly, which makes finding them much easier when the time comes.

Drill Bit Boxes for Sale

There are plenty of drill bit containers for sale online or at any hardware store. Try to find one that will be big enough to hold your collection. If necessary, you can even get your hands on containers that can store thousands of pieces, which will obviously come at a higher price.

A few decent drill bit containers that you can purchase online, starting from the smallest in size to the largest, include:

  • 13 Piece Drill Bit Set Metal Box
  • Fragram – TOOD417 300 Piece Drill Bit Set Combo
  • Huot 13000 Fractional Drill Dispenser And Organizer

DIY Drill Bit Boxes

Making your own drill bit organizer is also an easy and more affordable option. You will be able to find many different DIY tutorials online or on apps, such as Pinterest, that will provide you with instructions to follow.

An example of a drill bit container that you can make at home includes ‘The Drill Bits Organizer’ by Steven Arango. You can find this DIY on the Instructables Workshop website.

This is a very simple and useful organizer.

All you will need is three blocks of wood – there must be a small block, a medium-sized block, and a large block. Glue or screw all three blocks together, making steps. Then, using all of your drill bits, drill holes into the blocks for the bits to fit into. Use your large bits on the large block, your medium-sized bits on the medium block, and your small-sized bits on the small block. You can now store your drill bits in the holes that you made for them.

DIY Drill Bit Drawer

If you have a dedicated workspace, having a drill bit drawer is a great feature to have. If you have a drill bit box, there is a possibility that you could lose your box. However, with a drill bit drawer, you can eliminate this possibility entirely.

For this project, you will need these tools:

  • Fine finish saw
  • Scissors
  • Razor knife
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Impact driver

You will also need these materials:

  • Nails
  • Mahogany wood
  • Felt
  • Machine screws
  • Spray adhesive

Once you have all of the equipment and materials, you are ready to start building. Choose which drawer you wish to convert and cut your felt, using your razor knife, to fit that drawer. Spray the felt and the drawer with adhesive before sticking them together.

To decide where the dividers need to be, lay out the drill bits that you wish to store in the drawer on the felt. Use the saw to cut a few decent sized dividers. Set down these mahogany wood blocks around the drill bits, making sure that there is enough space for your fingers to pick up the bits.

To attach the dividers, drill a hole from the top down through the drawer bottom. Then use a nail that is slightly smaller than the drill bit so that it sits firmly in the wood.

Once you are finished, slot the drawer back into place and separate all of your drill bits according to how you would like to store them.

Drill Bit Jars

Storing your drill bits in an open container can often be a bit messy. This is why separating your pieces into different, closed jars is a great alternative. Jars can be used to organize any of your hardware tools or equipment.

You can purchase closed jars at the local hardware store, online, or even at most grocery stores. It might also be a good idea to buy labels so that you can identify the contents of each jar a little easier.

As previously mentioned, you can separate your drill bits according to their countersink size, their shape, or their purpose. You can have as many jars as you want, so be sure to organize your pieces according to your preference.

Of all the storage methods, this is probably the least efficient method of storing drill bits. There are more chances of you losing a jar or two, which is obviously not ideal.


To keep your drill bit collection organized and neat, it is always a good idea to separate your pieces and to invest in a drill bit storage container. You can organize your drill bits according to their countersink size, their shape, or their purpose. Containers can be purchased online or at any local hardware store.

You could also simply make one yourself, which is the cheaper option. Many crafters like to store their drilling pieces in a drawer because, unlike storage containers, a drawer can’t be misplaced. Another great alternative is closed storage jars.


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