Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag Review: Is It Worth It?

Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag Review

A tool bag can be considered as an essential gear for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and the like because it helps them organize tools properly, making it easy for them to grab the tools they need quickly, while also allowing them to go from one place to another conveniently without worrying about the possibility of losing a single piece of their toys. Hence, tool bags can also be considered investments.

If you happen to use your tools on a daily basis and if traveling from one location to the next is part of your work, then it is a great idea to invest on a mechanic tool bag. Additionally, you can also use a tool bag for your home tools, allowing you to bring these devices anywhere you need them. A tool bag will save you time and energy in many ways while also making sure that your tools are safe and complete.

With that said, we have decided to look into the Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag and get to know what it offers.

Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag: Everything That You Need to Know

Fox Outdoor products are professionally recommended especially because they are field-tested. The company has been a direct distributor and importer of tactical, outdoor, and military gear. They produce and offer items under seven brands which makes them very known for being the one-stop store for all your mechanic, outdoor, and tactical needs.


  • Dual-Snap Compartments

These compartments can be used for storage of your smallest tools or those commonly used ones, so it is easier to get a grip on them. The dual-snap closure feature adds security to your tools, ensuring that the items inside would not slip or come out easily. These outside pockets will help you organize all of your tools and will allow you to store the smaller items separately, saving you time instead of looking for a tool like a needle in a haystack of tools.

  • Inside Dividers

The dividers inside the mechanic jumbo tool bag will help you group your items and organize them in such a way that will work best for you. Since it is a large storage bag, you still want to arrange the items in a way that will help you find stuff easily later on. You sure do not want to put everything out of the bag when trying to look for the one that you need at the time. These dividers can be used to separate the most commonly used tools to the others, or you may want to group them based on their size, whatever works for you.

  • Hard Fiber Bottom

This feature helps ensure that your things stay in place even when the bag is carried from one place to another. The hard bottom also helps the bag carry the weight especially since the tools are usually heavy. The fiber bottom ensures stability and strength, and it prevents the possibility of damaging the bag easily since it mainly supports the bag’s entire weight.

  • Heavy-duty Carry Handles

These cotton canvas handles will allow you to carry the bag without causing damage to your hands conveniently. This huge bag, which is used to carry sets of heavy tools, comes with heavy-duty handles that can stand and carry the weight of the entire bag without the possibility of coming off.

  • Brass Zipper

The metal brass zipper adds security to your tools and ensures that they will not slip out from the bag easily. Metal brass zippers are stronger and more reliable than plastic or nylon, and they do not get damaged easily. Since this bag will be used for carrying heavy tools, the metal zipper can help secure the bag and keep it intact while carrying and keeping your tools safe inside.


  • Multi-purpose bag; it is not limited to be used as tools storage
  • Provides sufficient space at 19.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches, making it ideal storage for heavy hand tools
  • Lightweight at 1.9 lbs

Minor Drawbacks

  • Not large enough to fit all types of carpenter tools
  • The zipper may not be too strong to handle heavy items for a long time.


The Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag has dual-snap closure compartments which allow you to store and grab smaller items or commonly used tools conveniently. It has a hard-fiber bottom which helps keep the bag stable and holds the weight of the items while ensuring that everything stays safe and intact inside. Its cotton canvas handles allow you to carry the bag without feeling too much pressure on your hand. They are also heavy duty to ensure that they can carry the weight of the entire bag full of tools.

The brass zippers ensure that your items are secured and that they won’t easily come out of the bag when being transported from one place to another.


Like any other products sold on the market today, the Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag has similarities with other tool bags from different brands. One of which is the Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag which measures 11 x 7 x 6 inches, a few inches shorter than our product in-review. The Rothco’s is also made of heavy-weight cotton canvas and comes with two outside pockets with snap buttons and eight inside pockets. It also has a canvas carry strap to help you carry and transport the bag easily. However, its full-length zipper closure is made up of durable nylon, unlike Fox Outdoor’s brass metal.


After a detailed review of the Fox Outdoor Jumbo Mechanic Tool Bag and comparing it with a similar product on the market, we can say that it is an awesome choice for a tool bag. It comes with features that can ensure the safety of your items. The hard fiber bottom and heavy-duty handles which make the bag durable enough to maintain the stability of the bag especially when packed with heavy tools. However, we can also say that the Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag is not going down without a fight.

Each tool bag offers something that the other does not, but both products will serve their purpose well. With the help of this article, take the time to compare and understand your options so that you can choose the right product for you.

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