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Dewalt 20v vs. Milwaukee M18: Which One Wins?

Most DIYers and power tool enthusiasts will have heard of the brands DeWalt and Milwaukee. They are two of the most popular power tool brands out there, and both produce some excellent, quality products.

Electronic power drills are an essential tool in any DIYer’s tool kit since they are useful for so many different applications. Because of this, the competition for power drills is fierce, with each brand fighting to make the best power drill out there.

Let’s see how two of the best drills, the DeWalt 20v and the Milwaukee M28, compare in a head to head comparison between them.

DeWalt 20v Compact Drill Kit

DeWalt has produced some exceptional power tools and DIY products, and their 20v drill kit is perhaps one of their most powerful drills, if not the most powerful drill on the market. It features a brushless motor designed specifically to provide around 60% more run-time in comparison to other products of its kind.

Since the 20v compact drill does not have any friction-causing features, it is not subjected to as much wear and tear as drills do. This means it will last longer, which is always a bonus with power tools.

The drill is powered by four XR Li-Ion batteries that are included with each purchase. These batteries allow for extended usage periods without any downtime, since one battery can be used while the other is charging.

Compared to standard battery packs, the 20v’s batteries can provide 33% more power. This drill weighs about 3.6lbs, which is great for folks who don’t like holding heavy objects for long, or who want to work on projects that take more time.

It measures 7.8’’ from back to front, which is why this drill is considered a compact option. This compact size also makes it perfect for drilling into hard-to-reach places, or areas that are quite small.

The DeWalt 20v comes with two-speed settings. The first is placed at 0-600/2000 RPM, with the second being 0.250 BPM. These are some pretty impressive speeds that are ideal for drilling and fastening applications, especially when it comes to masonry.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Kit

Now we move on to the DeWalt drill’s main rival: the Milwaukee M18. This drill is capable of providing an estimated 1850 RPM and 750 BPM speeds. Like the DeWalt drill, it features two-speed settings that allow users to pick a speed that’s appropriate for a certain project.

Since this drill is cordless, it’s easier to maneuver without any restriction. The M18 is also created with a brushless motor, making it super durable as well, since there are no damageable parts.

All of the M18’s parts are also created using quality plastics and metals, which adds to the overall durability of this drill. The onboard fuel gauge allows users to accurately monitor the drill’s power level, which can help prevent any avoidable downtime.

This drill weighs about 5 lbs, which is a little heavier than its DeWalt counterpart, but not heavy enough to cause any discomfort. It’s perfect for long periods of use without needing to stop and take a break.

Since it’s compact, it works well in tight spaces where there is not a lot of free movement available. The soft, contoured grip makes wielding this drill super comfortable, and users are able to hold it firmly for extended periods.

The M18 is powered by two red lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are able to power this drill for a significant amount of time, long enough to complete projects of any duration.

The battery pack features more modern construction, which will guarantee that the batteries remain in great condition for longer. The M18 is built with Milwaukee’s Redlink Plus technology, which helps to maintain control and protection during use and while in storage.

Dewalt 20v vs Milwaukee M18: Which one to Choose?

Upon first reading the above descriptions, it may seem like DeWalt 20v, and Milwaukee M18 drills are quite similar, even almost identical. However, before you go out and buy either one, it is important to consider what you plan on using these drills for.

The DeWalt 20v is pretty impressive in terms of its compact size and lightweight nature but falls behind the Milwaukee M18 in terms of pricing. If you don’t find yourself making repairs and adjustments to your home often, or don’t do DIY projects as often as others, the DeWalt is best for you.

It’s light, compact, and the lack of downtime makes it great for any small or medium project. If you’d like something more heavy-duty, or if you do DIY projects more often, you would be better off with the Milwaukee M18.

The M18 features a fuel gauge for those who want to keep track of their power usage so that they can determine when they’ll need to recharge. While both drills provide similar power outputs, the M18 is slightly larger and features a grip made for holding for extended periods.

This makes it perfect for larger, more extensive DIY projects, rather than simple ones.


If neither of these drills appeals to you, there are some alternatives that might interest you more. The Black + Decker LDX120C is a cordless drill that costs half the price of many of the most popular cordless drills out there, while still providing similar functionality and reasonable power.

If you want something even more compact than the DeWalt 20v and Milwaukee M18, the Bosch 12V ⅜-inch drill may be the one for you. It is quite small and offers only 12 volts of drilling power. This is generally enough to handle most of the basic jobs around your house.

Wrapping Up

As with most things in life, there is no one compact drill that beats all the rest. The DeWalt 20v and Milwaukee M18 may seem similar, but there are a few key differences that set them apart. We hope that this review has made your decision a little easier and you now know which is best for you. Happy drilling!


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