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Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack Review

Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack Review

Working with different kinds of tools on a daily basis can be a hassle, especially when they are not stored properly. Being unorganized when you work on jobs that require tools for precision can lead to a lot of time wasted looking for the tools you need to complete a task.

Having a tool box or a tool bag can certainly increase productivity and organization, but when you have to carry a lot of tools at once the weight can start to strain the arms.

This is because a typical tool box comes with a carrying handle that is meant to be carried by one arm, leaving the other arm free. Although this is how most tool bags are made, this design can be strenuous when a full tool bag is carried daily. To solve this problem manufacturers have introduced a more innovative way to carry tools: the tool backpack.

In this review we will discuss the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack as an example of this innovation. Here you will learn more about the unique features, advantages and disadvantages of using this type of tool bag instead of a regular tool bag.

Features of the Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

  • Comes with two main zipper enclosures
  • One zipper compartment specifically for tools
  • Another compartment to store one cordless drill with battery
  • Compartments are adjustable to accept even bulky tools
  • Offers great back support: Padded back and shoulder straps, comes with an adjustable chest strap
  • Carrying handles located at the top
  • Exterior pockets perfect for storing other small tools and accessories
  • Numerous pockets for optimum organization: 41 interior pockets, 7 exterior pockets
  • Hands-free tool transportation bag
  • Perfect for construction workers, repair technicians and other occupations that require tools
  • Allows for easy access to tools and accessories


Anyone who works with more than just a few basic tools knows that a sturdy tool bag is a necessity. The problem with most typical tool bags is the weight which makes them difficult to transport. This is where the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack has its biggest advantages.

Since the weight of the tools is focused on the back, it allows workers to bring more than enough tools they need for a project. Plus, it leaves the hands free to carry other things, which reduces the need to go back and forth to the truck to get all your essentials.

Th1e Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack allows users to store a great number of tools in different sizes easily while staying organized with its 48 different sized pockets. You will have the perfect organizer for all your tools to reduce the time spent searching for the tool you need.

This backpack also has amazing back and shoulder support because of the padding and the adjustable chest strap so back injuries are less likely to happen even when you’re carrying a lot of tools. The exterior pockets are also a plus as you can keep essential accessories like pens and flashlights within reach.

For an innovative, sturdy and durable tool bag, the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack is also fairly priced. It is worth every penny you spend seeing as it can take constant wear and tear without showing signs of damage even after prolonged use.

This tool backpack will change the way you carry and organize your work tools for the better. The backpack’s zippers are also very strong which reduces the chance of it breaking at the seams. Since it is heavy-duty and made with high-quality materials you will find yourself relying on this tool bag for years to come.


Although the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack can hold a lot of tools, sometimes overloading it with everything you have can cause problems. One of those problems is the zipper breaking when the bag is too full. This is common with most bags as the teeth of the zippers split when it is too full. Be careful when filling the bag with all of your tools as this can cause the zippers to break prematurely and render your tool bag useless.

Another problem with putting too many tools inside the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack is the weight. This can cause a lot of back problems for some people especially when the plastic bottom constantly hits you in the back.

You can try to adjust the straps to ease the pressure on your back, but if that does not work you should look for a different tool bag instead. If you have back problems or are sensitive to carrying weight on your back this is not the tool bag for you.


The Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Tool Backpack is an amazingly efficient tool backpack that allows users to easily carry and access their tools. If you want to carry your tools and have your hands free this backpack is worth looking into.


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