Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set Review: One of the Best Tools for Mechanics

Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set Review: One of the Best Tools for Mechanics

As a mechanic, one of the most important things to have at your disposal is a toolkit and what better way to start building your arsenal than to consider a 165-piece set? The Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set is a convenient staple to have in your garage for when you need sturdy and reliable tools to turn to for personal and professional projects alike.

With plenty of other competing brands on the market, it’s important to think about the pros and cons as well as the features of different tools you might be interested in. With the help of this guide, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a reliable kit.


  • Includes 92 sockets with three different drive sizes
  • The kit comes equipped with two extension bars, one ratchet in one-quarter, three-eights, and half inch sizes, and two universal joints.
  • Offers 12 different combination wrenches
  • Includes hex keys, a driver handle, screwdriver and nut driver bits
  • Measured in both metric and inch sizes


Includes a wide variety of tools for both personal and professional projects:

The number one advantage to the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set is the fact that it offers an incredible amount of tools and accessories to help you work through relatively any project. You surely won’t feel like you’re missing out on any essential components when it comes to repairing vehicles, items around your home, and even industrial projects.

Solid build like most Craftsman tools:

If there’s one thing that most people know about Craftsman tools it’s that they may not be the highest grade tools on the market, but they offer excellent build quality that will last a long time. With the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set, you won’t have to worry about buying new sockets, wrenches, or bits for years even with regular use.

Useful for beginners and the everyday repairperson:

One of the unique things about the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set is the fact that the tools are adaptable to both beginner and veteran hands. In comparison to other toolkits where they’re recommended for either beginners or professionals, these tools are adaptable to both skill sets.

The majority of sockets offer deep wells:

In order to have access to the perfect level of torque, your sockets are going to need to have deep wells to fit perfectly onto the wrenches. The Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set offers perfectly sized sockets that will slide onto your wrenches with ease and stay in position, rather than slipping off.


Insufficient plastic case design:

When it comes to carrying your tools from one location to another, the design of the plastic case makes it slightly difficult. Unfortunately, it does not snap all of the pieces into place and secures them properly, as you might find several pieces will fall out of their spots even when you pick the case up.

In addition, it’s slightly difficult to open the right way without having items fall out all over the floor.

Limited selection of half-inch sockets:

If you’re working on a project that is going to require half-inch sockets, you’re going to need to consider buying additional sockets, as there isn’t a substantial amount of half-inch models included in this kit.

Does not offer extra storage space for additional parts:

As mentioned, depending on your projects you might be forced to purchase additional parts, but there aren’t any extra storage compartments within the plastic carrying case for them to be stored. At this point, you’ll either have to purchase another carrying case or a socket bag.


Includes 92 sockets with three different drive sizes:

You’ll appreciate the fact that the sockets are available in one-quarter, three-eights, and half-inch sizes, helping you to have a reliable set of tools for most household and professional projects.

The kit comes equipped with two extension bars and two universal joints:

With the help of the extension bars and universal joints, you can choose any wrench that you wish and comfortably get into tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas.

Offers 12 different combination wrenches:

For jobs that don’t require the use of sockets, you’ll appreciate access to the combination wrenches, which can make it easy to tighten or loosen bolts on-the-go.


Now that you’re ready to make the decision as to whether the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set is the right kit for you or not, you’ll want to compare it to another similarly ranked toolset on the market, such as the Stanley 99-Piece Black Chrome Socket Set. There are a few important differences to consider that sets the Craftsman set apart from the competition, and for a good reason.

First, it can be difficult to not only find a toolset that offers the same amount of pieces and accessories as the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set, but that offer the same amount of high-quality tools that will last a long period of time.

Many other brands, such as Stanley, don’t focus on the longevity of their tools and you might experience breakage and splinters with regular use. Whereas, the Craftsman set is designed to last for several years, even if you pull the tools out on a daily basis.

Another significant difference to consider is that the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set contains nearly every single size socket and wrench you could dream of, making it an all-inclusive kit. With any kit, you might have to buy specialty accessories for unique projects, but overall you should be able to find every tool you’d ever need in your carrying case.

Unlike with the Stanley 99-Piece Black Chrome Socket Set that is missing some of the most important socket sizes, such as the kit topping off at 18mm socket sizes.


It’s easy to find significant differences between toolsets, but at the end of the day, it’s imperative to find a set that is going to meet your specific needs. For an excellent all-around toolkit that includes a variety of different socket and wrench sizes as well as adapters and other unique accessories such as hex keys, the Craftsman 165-Piece Tool Set certainly won’t disappoint.

No matter if you’re getting ready to start your first kit of tools or if you’re looking to add to your existing collection, this is undoubtedly a set of mechanic’s tools to take into consideration.

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