CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier

CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier: The Tool Bag You Need

CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier:

Does your work require you to use a lot of tools? Perhaps you are planning on taking on a DIY home remodeling project yet you do not have a proper place to store all of your tools. If yes, then the focus of this review will surely excite you.

In here, we are going to take a close look at a product that can hold all the essential tools you will need. It can provide you with proper storage for your electric drill while at the same secure your drivers and hammers. Most importantly, this item would also finally solve the mystery of your missing screws and washers.

Curious to find out what can potentially be this problem solver? Enter the CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier. Just like we said, it is a place where you can store all the tools that you need to be at arms reach. Unlike a toolbox, though, this one comes as a bag.

This general description might just be what dreams are made of for people with high level of handiness, but we will first review its features and assess its advantages and disadvantages to know if it is truly that good. In the end, you will know if this is worth your time and money.

Key Features

The CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier is not your ordinary tool carrier in terms of how it looks. A lot of people actually use it for other purposes besides carrying tools as the exterior is really versatile. In line with this advantage, the selling point of this carrier is its room.

It has a total of 33 pockets, allowing it to hold and store a lot of your tools at a given time, even if you do not organize them properly. This is the case because the main compartment is deep while the pockets are properly arranged in such a way that when you close the bag, it does not look bulky.

Another thing to note is its zippered panel, which also houses other pockets. This feature is extremely handy, especially if you are working on something and need to reach for another tool in that instant. Furthermore, this bag can take a beating as it is durable but at the same time, comfortable to use.

All in all, it measures 13 by 17 by 13 inches and comes available in two colors: black and navy blue. It is also equipped with adjustable straps to allow for a more comfortable and secure fit.

Pros & Cons


  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear
  • Keeps its shape
  • Not too small and not too big
  • Balances out the weight of the tools
  • Organizers work effectively to not move the tools while in transit
  • Can accommodate separate organizer
  • Handles are tough
  • Stitching in the bag is the best
  • Durable and well-made
  • Shoulder straps do not slip


  • Little to no security feature
  • Slightly leans forward when full
  • Stitching of the straps is poor

Summary of the Features

A quick look at this tool carrier and you might mistake it as a diaper bag. This is due to the fact that it has that square but somewhat oval shape. At the same time, its linings are exposed, which contributes to its preppy design. Definitely, when you look at it, you will not see it as your regular tool carrier.

  • Lots of pockets
  • The side panel is zippered
  • Has another zippered flap that contains more pockets
  • There are vertical tool pockets at the front
  • Everything is padded
  • For the carrying handles, there are reinforced webbing

Comparison with the WorkPro W081021A Tool Storage Bag

This comparison will clearly show you that not all tool carrier bags are made the same. Let us first take a look at the WorkPro W081021A Tool Storage Bag. This bag has adjustable straps and can also carry small to medium tools.

Furthermore, it has a top wide, open mouth that is zippered for you to store bigger tools. It also has a way of protecting your tools because the bottom is padded with rubber foam. Lastly, it has outer pockets that are meshed. At a glance, you might think that this bag is just the same as the CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier.

However, it is far from that. Upon using the one from WorkPro, you will definitely notice that you are carrying with you a bunch of tools. It is bulky, heavy, and worse, unbalanced. On the other hand, when you use the one from CLC, it is as though you are carrying with you one whole bag.

You do not view it as a bunch of tools because they are properly secured and organized. More than that, you do not feel a strain on your shoulders because the bag can balance the weight of your tools. It does not weigh you down, so you will not get tired of carrying it while you work.

Another good thing to note is the fact that the one from CLC has more room even if they almost have the same size. This is significant because it means that the one from CLC completely utilized the use of space so you can put in as many tools as you can, without it looking and feeling too bulky.

The Verdict

The CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Carrier might just be the only tool carrier you need. The company was really on to something when they advertised this bag as such because it can clearly back up a lot of its claims. Surely, you will get everything that you ask for in terms of having a proper tool carrier bag.

Roomy? Check. Organized? Check. Balanced? Check. It even has a bonus, and that is its good looks. Although we are pouring praises over this bag, there is still a huge drawback that you should not undermine, and that is security. Unfortunately, this does not have a latch to it so no one, aside from you, can open the front part.

A good solution to this is to get small locks and lock the two zippers together. Doing this will assure you that if ever you have to leave your bag behind, your tools are safe and secure. But other than that disadvantage, you really do not have anything else to worry about.

In fact, we doubt that you will be leaving this bag behind as it is so lightweight even with tools inside it; you might just opt to keep carrying it while working on your project. Definitely, you will look fashionable while doing so, too.

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