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If you are a handyman around the house or a professional, there are a lot of tools and accessories that can be purchased to make your job easier. One of the most indispensable for these is a good tool belt. You will want a belt that acts as an extension to your toolbox.

That is why we have combed through the thousands of choices available and found five of the best tool belt options available on the market today. Below we will take a look at each one and the features and benefits you will get by including a tool belt in your tool kit.

Comparison Chart

11 Pocket Brown and Black Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt

Bucket Boss 50200 Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5617 Tool Belt

Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 8089 Tool Belt

Best Tool Belt Reviews

GlossyEnd 11 Pocket Construction Belt

Projects can be frustrating, especially when your tools are not ready and organized. Our first entry offers a plentiful pocket selection and ease of use, and that is why it is one of the best options available today.


In order to ensure that they were constructing a belt that would meet the needs of their customers, GlossyEnd concentrated on durability and capacity.

To create a tool belt that maximized both these attributes, the designers included the following features:

  • The design includes 11 pockets and two steel loops
  • Made with high-grade 600D polyester
  • The belt is reinforced with rustproof rivets
  • Slide open strap and clip button for extended sizes

There is a lot that you can rave about when it comes to this tool belt. Everything from the materials used in the construction to the overall design is superior to many of its competition. The heavy-duty polyester used to manufacture this tool belt means that it can stand up to almost anything you throw at it.

It also gives it a comfort of wear that is vastly improved to other models. Apart from the construction materials, the capacity provided by this belt with the 11 large packets it comes with, means that there will never be a time when the tools you need are far from reach.

Even with all of that, there are still a few issues that we feel we would be remiss without mentioning. The biggest one is seen when you look at the sizing of this belt. It is not very adjustable and tends to run a bit small. This means that for those with a wider waist, this may not be the best choice.

Other than that, despite having a plethora of pockets, the actual construction of the pouches could be better. Specifically, the pouches tend to be a bit shallow, which doesn’t allow for easy transport for larger tools.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a large number of pockets for better organization
  • Constructed of heavy-duty material for enhanced durability
  • Crafted with two steel loops
  • Toolbelt is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Price versus value outshines most of its competition


  • Some issues with sizing – runs small
  • Tool belts pockets are shallow


Bucket Boss 50200 Bag Tool Belt

Our next entry is a well designed large pocket toolbelt that will offer you plenty of room for all the tools you will need to complete your projects.


When designing this tool belt, Bucket Boss opted to really concentrate on comfort and durability. Though it may not have as many pockets as some of our other options, this amazing tool belt does come with the following features:

  • Pouches are designed with reinforced bottoms
  • Designed with an infinity belt (fits up to 52”)
  • Belts have barrel bottom pouches
  • Constructed with a single body design
  • Pouch system is adjustable
  • Multiple hammer loops built into the belt (1 steel loop, 1 web loop)
  • The buckle is made with steel and attached with monster grommets

This belt is a quality option, no matter your trade. Comfort is the name of the game when you opt for this tool belt. Crafted with durable materials, it is designed to be easily adjusted. The adjustments of this belt offer accessibility to a wider customer base than the previous belt, as it does accommodate larger waisted individuals.

It has a single body design and finished with a buckle that is reinforced to make sure that the belt does not move excessively while wearing it. The pouches are designed with a reinforced bottom and can be adjusted to your specific needs. This all adds to the durability and comfort of this tool belt.

There are a few drawbacks with this tool belt, though. Perhaps one of the most important things in a tool belt is the security of your tools, and unfortunately, this belt has one problem that detracts from this.

The zippers used in the pockets seem to be made of less than quality material. This leads to them breaking or getting stuck, which could cause you to lose valuable time or valuable tools.

Along with this drawback, there have been some who were disappointed in the lack of separate pockets inside the pouches. The lack of this design feature means that you will have less control over your organization, and that could also waste valuable time on a project.

Pros & Cons


  • Pouches are customizable for ease of access
  • Waist can be adjusted for larger sizes
  • Unit is constructed using high-quality, durable materials
  • Designed with a double hammer loop
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Issues with the quality of the zipper
  • Belt lacks separate internal pockets


DEWALT DG5617 Tool Belt

If you want a little more support, you may consider using suspenders along with your tool belt. With our next entry, you don’t have to worry about purchasing those separately because DEWALT has made sure to include a set with your belt.


DEWALT is one of the most familiar and respected names in tools and tool accessories. The reputation and dedication to quality are evident in the design of this tool belt.

To ensure they meet their standards and the expectations of their customer base, this belt was crafted with the following features:

  • Comes with fully adjustable padded suspenders
  • Designed with 20 pockets of varying sizes
  • Toolbelt is padded w/ double-tongue roller buckle
  • Pouches are designed with carrying handle

This belt definitely lives up to the reputation of this iconic tool brand. It is crafted with the handyman in mind. The 20 pockets maximize the number of tools that you can carry. This makes it more time-efficient as you won’t have to keep going back to your toolbox every time you need a new tool.

There are also some built-in specialty pouches that other belts don’t offer like the utility knife pouch. It is crafted in lightweight, durable materials and comes with built-in clips for suspenders.

This is a great touch as when utilizing a tool belt that can carry so much, you have to be cautious of the weight distribution on your back. In fact, the team at DEWALT thought of that as well and have included a set of suspenders with the tool belt.

The addition of specialty pouches is nice; unfortunately, it is one of these that we find our first design flaw. We all carry cell phones with us, and with so many apps created to help your project along, they have become almost as vital as hammer and nails.

That being said, the pouch that was designed for this belt is not universally compatible with all phones. So make sure to check the size of the pouch and your phone to make sure it will work. The other concern is with the quality and durability of the suspenders included in the purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Designed with numerous large pouches for optimized storage capacity
  • Belt has a built-in utility knife pouch
  • Constructed to be comfortable to wear for multiple hours
  • Belt comes with adjustable suspenders
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • The cell phone holder is not compatible with all phones
  • Issues with suspender quality and durability


Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

If you’re looking for a belt that offers professional-level comfort along with a good fit and plenty of room to store your tools, then our next entry is a great option. The Gatorback B145 offers all that and so much more.


When working on a big project, you may find yourself getting a little sweaty, which can detract from the comfort of your day. That is exactly why Gatorback designed their belt with patented systems and specific fabrics to help minimize this issue.

Along with the airflow technology this belt was also crafted with these features:

  • Crafted with a patented airflow technology
  • Built-in foam backing
  • Designed using premium grade 1250 Duratek nylon
  • Pouches designed in the box style
  • Built with durable steel suspender rings
  • The belt is fitted with carrying handles
  • Pouches can be adjusted for your needs

The Gatorback B145 is a well crafted and designed product that will help you make your workday easier. Using high-grade nylon highlights the amazing features and benefits of this tool belt. The premium quality material not only increases the durability of the piece but allows for optimized airflow to help keep your cool.

The material is also lightweight, which makes it more comfortable to wear, easier to transport, and lessens the strain on your body. Along with that, the tool belt features a built-in foam back support system to help alleviate any of the strain put on your body by distributing the weight more evenly.

The material lends a lot to the overall comfort of the tool belt; however, there is one slight drawback. The fabric itself is a bit rough, and so it may irritate the skin when it comes in contact with it.

The other issue that we think needs to be fixed is directly related to the Velcro used in the closure strap. Many have found fault with the durability and strength of this material. With a weak Velcro, you may find yourself fighting to reattach your belt in the most inconvenient times, and that could be very dangerous.

Pros & Cons


  • Constructed with premium-grade nylon for better durability
  • Design helps give the user easy access to all tools
  • The material used in construction is comfortable and breaths well
  • Crafted to be lightweight for ease of transport
  • Manufactured with foam back support for better weight distribution


  • Material is a little rough to touch
  • Some issues with the durability of the Velcro on the strap


Occidental Leather 8089 Tool Belt

The last entry on our list is a belt that is crafted using the highest quality materials and with a focus on durability. With the Occidental Leather 8089 M Oxylights 7, you will be able to organize your tools easily and for years to come.


This simple belt may not have as big a capacity as other options on our list, but the design features it was constructed with make up for that.

In order to elevate durability and functionality, the team at Occidental Leather include the following features and attributes:

  • Crafted with premium-grade Duratek 1250 fabric
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Designed to be contractor grade
  • Built with 22 different pockets

This belt takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Crafted in high-quality material, the belt is then coated to be both abrasion and water-resistant. This makes it perfect for tradesmen working with plumbing or in very wet environments.

The design of the belt prevents the spillage of tools, and the pockets are crafted to keep their shape. This all improves the tool belt’s capacity to keep your tools where you have placed them. All of this combined makes for a tool belt that is easy to organize and adjust to your specific needs.

The belt does have a few things that we feel could be adjusted to make it even better. The first is that it only comes in a right-handed version, which could be annoying if you’re a lefty. The biggest concern, though, is the price. It is a little expensive for a tool belt, and that makes it a hard sell for many people.

Pros & Cons


  • The belt is designed to be water and abrasion-resistant
  • Several pouches for enhanced storage capacity
  • Designed to be easily adjusted for superior comfort
  • Pockets are crafted to keep their shape
  • Crafted with a no-spill system


  • Price may be a little high for some
  • Only comes in a right-handed version


Final Thoughts

Many tradespeople use tool belts and that is probably why there are so many different options available. There will be belts crafted for specific fields like carpentry or engineering, but the features that make a good belt will remain the same.

You want a belt made of durable, high-quality materials that are large enough to keep your most-used tools easily accessible to you. The options we chose above as the best tool belts available have all those criteria and a whole lot more. So we hope that we have helped make your decision a little easier and less stressful.

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