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Best Tool Bag for Plumbers of 2020: Reviews with Comparison

There is no doubt that becoming a plumber can be quite lucrative. Still, it isn’t anywhere as simple as you would suppose it to be. In order to be relevant to the market, you need to be experienced, have vast knowledge and expertise, and own an adequate set of tools.

But what needs you need for plumbing in the first place? Well, this all depends on whether you will specialize in maintenance or installation. Still, by investing in items such as pipe cutters, telescopic tube cutters, pipe wrench, slip joint pliers, as well as pipe benders, you can’t really go wrong.

While the size does depend on the particular item and the model, the plumbing tools are known to be quite hefty. This is why investing in an adequate backpack or a carry-on is a must.

After some research, we found the market to offer a variety of different products. Thus, we have prepared a list to find the best tool bag for plumbers, highlighting the pros and cons of each model. Let’s take a look!

Comparison Chart

WORKPRO 13-inch Tool Bag


ToughBuilt – 12″ Modular Tote Tool Bag

STEELHEAD 48-Pocket Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack

G & F 10095 Tool Bag

Tool Bag for Plumbers Reviews

1. WorkPro 13-Inch Tool Bag

Searching for a carry-on tool bag that is affordable and highlighted by an innovative design, this model seems like a great choice. While the brand itself is nowhere as reputable as DeWalt or Klein Tools, it does offer dependability and functionality, which is all you need in this case. Compact, attractive, and with enough storage for average use, you are sure to fall for this 13-inch tool bag!


WorkPro has been on the market for a couple of years. During this time, they have managed to set their place as a name that focuses on customer satisfaction and offering affordable handyman products. This carry-on has a number of features that we love.

First and foremost, it weighs just above 1.3 pounds, which is quite light for a plumbers bag. As for the dimensions, it is set at 13 x 6. 7x  8.5 inches and is, as such, considered to be mid-range. The main highlight of this is the wide mouth that can be opened by pulling the zipper system. It allows easy access and will also give you the opportunity to set all the tools in the wanted place.

We do love the fact that it features a padded bottom that helps it stand tough. Still, compared to some of the DeWalt or Klein Tools bags, it is nowhere as sturdy. However, as it is not exposed to harsh conditions on an everyday basis, you should be good to go.

We already mentioned that this plumbing bag is extremely convenient and versatile. What you are getting is 5 inside compartments that can be used for storing tools or other items. Along with that are the 3 outer pockets in which you can either put the smaller tools or your valuables.

A great thing is that these are closed with a fastener and thus ensure optimal safety. Not only can this tool bag be used for carrying plumbing equipment, but also in the automotive, carpentry, and electrical branches as well. Yes, it doesn’t feature a shoulder strap, but it makes up with a comfortable EVA handle on the top.

Thus, transporting this bag from one place to another shouldn’t represent an issue. The black and blue design is quite attractive and will allow you to feel confident while at your work station. Overall, it is a superb choice if you are on a tight budget, but you want all the benefits of a proper plumbing bag!

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price for most people
  • Compact and attractive
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Easy access for quick grabbing
  • 8 Compartments in total


  • Not as sturdy as similar models
  • Lacking a shoulder strap


2. Custom Leathercraft 1539 Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

Getting on with our list of the best tool bag for plumbers, this heavy-duty model is the ideal choice for any professional. It will allow you to stay worry-free when it comes to durability, and store up to 50 different tools at a time. Convenient, compact, and durable, it is everything that you want out of a tool carrier!


Much like the product mentioned above, this one is not exclusive for plumbers. Thus, if you are a part of the automotive, carpentry branch, or you simply want a storage bag for your DIY projects, we absolutely recommend it. It is also suitable for HVAC tools and can be compared to high-quality DeWalt bags.

Starting off with the 50 different pockets, you can be sure that storage space will not be lacking. Along with a number of outer pockets, there is a large inner compartment that will allow you to organize several hefty tools and essential accessories.

Additionally, it is the vertical-pocket design that allows easy-access at any given moment. Unlike some of its competitors, this bag does feature a heavy-duty zipper system that securely closes the main compartment. We love the fact that the bottom is padded and spill-proof thus you will not have to worry about accidental damage.
As for the design and overall build, it measures 18 x 14 x 7 inches, which is significantly larger than the WorkPro bag.

Honestly, we couldn’t find a tool bag that was as rigid as this Custom Leathercraft one considering the affordable price point it stands at. There are a couple of design details that we love. Firstly, the whole bag is made out of heavy-duty poly fabric, which ensures resistance to abrasion and harsh conditions. Additionally, it features a ballistic trim and binding in order to ensure optimal durability.

As for the carry features, you are looking at two different solutions. Both the handles at the top and the adjustable shoulder strap are padded and comfortable. Thus, you will be able to choose according to what fits you better. While we don’t have any significant complaints, there are a couple of changes we would make.

First, the net pockets could be more elastic. Additionally, we would add a tape loop and thus contribute to overall functionality. Still, considering the overall build quality and the number of pockets, this product is more than worth the price!

Pros & Cons


  • Fair price for what is offered
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Comfortable top handle/strap
  • Large opening for access
  • 50 compartments in total


  • Lacking a tape loop
  • Net pockets aren’t elastic


3. ToughBuilt 12” Modular Tote Tool Bag

Moving further along, this tool bag is highlighted by great functionality and a lot of storage space that any plumber will find incredibly handy. The ToughBuilt brand is known to listen to its customers and ensure optimal quality for the given price. It is quite similar in dimensions compared to the Leathercraft mentioned above.


Sitting at 15 x 10 x 15 inches and weighing just above 6 pounds, it is considered to be a large storage bag. We are quite happy to notice that it offers 61 pockets that are reinforced and will allow you to organize both smaller and larger tools.

The best thing about the design is that there are 3 dividers that you can use to customize the storage space. There are several vertical pockets, as well as a couple of elastic net pockets that are optimal for storing your valuables.

Along with the 3 pocket dividers, there is a KickStand divider that separates the main compartment from the rest of the bag. Honestly, we can’t think of any other product that offers as much tool space for such an affordable price. Surprisingly, this is not all.

The overall build of this product is incredible. You are looking at a HardBody polyester lining from the outside, as well as rivet reinforcement at the pockets and the bottom. Even the mesh pockets are made sturdy.

Additionally, it has a heavy-duty lockable zipper system that will allow you easy and safe access to the main pockets. We also loved the padded top handle that will feel comfortable even if you have to carry it for hours at a time. Still, we don’t like the fact that this product comes without an adjustable shoulder strap. Other than that, we would make certain changes to the round base as it doesn’t allow the bag to stand still at all times.

However, these are all minor design flaws that we can rationalize considering the overall quality of the product. Thus, if you want to get a versatile and convenient tool carrier, investing in this ToughBuilt product is something you will not regret!

Pros & Cons


  • Great value for money
  • Compact and attractive
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Easy access
  • 61 compartments in total


  • Round base
  • Lacking a shoulder strap


4. SteelHead 48-Pocket Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack

If you are a plumber, but you don’t enjoy carrying a tool bag, then investing in a backpack seems like the optimal substitute. Luckily, there are many models on the market that can satisfy your needs. Thus, this high-quality bag is not only extremely rugged but also comes with 48 compartments – more than enough for everyday use!


This backpack has a versatile and convenient design that can be used to transport not only plumbing but also electrician, HVAC, and contractor tools. The reason for this is that there are 48 different pockets and a couple of big compartments. Thus, you will be able to organize anything from pens to extension cords, and full-size hammers. We love the presence of vertical pockets on the side, as these allow us to optimally store screwdrivers and nut drivers.

Still, we do have to notice that the zipper system is not as sturdy as it should be. Other than that, the backpack is made to resist harsh conditions and features a slip-proof bottom. Along with that, you will not have to worry about it falling on snow or muddy surface. Why? Well, because of the reinforced base pad, it is going to stand tough throughout.

Apart from the aforementioned design details, there is also a utility clip that will allow you to attach the most common tools for your job. As for the handles and shoulder straps, all are padded and comfortable. On top of all that, you are getting lifetime support provided by the US company SteelHead. There is no denying that this backpack is extremely useful and adaptable.

While it would be better if there was an option to choose between different colors, that is just a minor design flaw. Other than that, everything is spot on. We are confident when we say that the SteelHead can stand up to par with the best Klein Tools models.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly rugged
  • Stable and slip-resistant
  • Comfortable handle/straps
  • Easy access
  • 48 compartments in total


  • Flimsy zipper system
  • Just a single color variation


5. G&F 10095 Heavy Duty Tool Bag


Last but not least is this tool bag that is extremely affordable while still allowing average storage space. If you are just starting out and you have a couple of tools to work with, it is the ideal choice.


You can’t really beat the minimalist design of this bag. Set at 7 x 6 x 11 inches and weighing just above 14 ounces, it is so light to carry. It comes with just a top handle and no shoulder straps but is fine considering the price. As for the overall quality, it is made out of canvas, and as long as you don’t put it to heavy use daily, it should last you quite some time.

It is highlighted by easy access and a brass zipper system for closing. As for the storage space, you are looking at 2 side pouches on the outside, and 6 pouches inside. There is also a large compartment in which you can organize a couple of hefty plumbing tools. Overall, while it does lack the functionality of the products mentioned above, it is a good choice for this low price!

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Light and compact
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Easy to open and access
  • 8 Compartments in total


  • Not as sturdy as hoped
  • Lacking a shoulder strap



If you asked us about our favorite tool carrier, it would have to be the Custom Leathercraft 50 Pocket model. It comes at a great price and offers a lot of storage space for you to work with. Additionally, the design is quite sturdy.

For those who want to get a backpack instead, we suggest the SteelHead 48-Compartment model. Highlighted by optimal durability and functionality, this mid-range product can compete with the most expensive professional carriers!

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