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Best Portable Tool Boxes of 2021: Best Picks

When it comes to portable toolboxes, it is not easy to find one that will comply with all the requirements. These toolboxes come with great features included to make it quite challenging to make an informed choice.

That is why we made a list of the best portable toolboxes to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. In this review, we will take a closer look at the nice features included and what they have to offer.

If you want to know what to look for in the best portable tool boxes, keep on reading and find out.

Comparison Chart

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer

Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

BIG RED TB101 Torin Hip Roof Style Portable Steel Tool Box

Gray Portable Tool Box

Milwaukee Electric Tool Rolling Tool Box

Best Portable Tool Boxes Reviews

TSTAK Double Drawer Tool Storage Organiser From DeWalt

It is very easy to rely on the DeWalt brand because of the many years of quality services and tools they provide to all industries. With great features included with these Dewalt toolboxes, you cannot go wrong when you are looking for durability and functionality.


All latches included with these toolboxes from DeWalt are made from heavy-duty metal to be strong and very durable to last longer. They will also be able to resist rust and corrosion to give you many years of great tool storage service.

With the solid and durable bi-material handles included at the top of the toolbox, you can easily carry them around. These handles are designed to provide you with a decent grip so your hand will not get tired while carrying the toolbox.

Ball-bearings included in the drawer slides make it very easy to open these drawers with a smooth movement. These slides are also made from heavy-duty metal to make them strong enough to carry the weight you throw at them.

There is also no need to worry that you may leave anything behind; there is enough space for a lot of small parts. To add to that, you have two drawers at your disposal with lots of small compartments to efficiently manage the storage space.

Made from a strong heavy-duty plastic lightweight material, this toolbox from DeWalt will last for a very long time. It is also made with rugged construction to withstand the rough manhandling of the construction trade and other harsh environments.

One drawback is that the feet of the toolbox are not placed to support the sidewalls for a better weight-bearing option. This means the toolbox may bend down when it is fully loaded, causing the drawers to not open smoothly and evenly.

You also do not have a lot of interior space to put all the large tools, so you need to add another toolbox for that.

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with durable and strong latches
  • The handles are easy to use
  • Drawer slides made from heavy-duty metal
  • The toolbox has a decent maximum load capacity


  • It is not suitable for larger tools
  • The feet do not support sidewalls

Heavy-Duty Rolling Toolbox From Stalwart

When it comes to ease of use to make your job much easier, this toolbox will do the trick without hassle. The rolling toolbox provided by Stalwart also gives you a great mobility option for easy relocation when you need it.


This rolling toolbox from Stalwart comes with a lot of storage space included in both boxes that are part of the set. With enough space in the small part section, you can carry all those small accessories and parts along without hassle.

To add to the toolbox’s large storage space option, you have cable hooks attached to not take up unnecessary space with leads. These cable hooks are made strong and durable to carry quite heavy electric leads and other ropes and cables on them.

For added security, the top box can be easily locked with quite a durable locking hook that is molded to be part of the toolbox. This means you can easily keep your valuable tools protected and securely locked when you are not around.

The handle provided with the rolling toolbox is quite sturdy and designed to provide an easy and ergonomic grip option. This handle can also be folded flat onto the toolbox, so it will be out of the way when you store the toolbox.

With easy-rolling wheels, you can take your rolling toolbox with you wherever you go when you need your tools close at hand. The large wheels make it quite easy to maneuver the toolbox over rough surfaces and hardy terrains you may find.

However, this toolbox is made with relatively thin sidewalls making it not that strong a construction to hold all the tools. It also does not come with a high maximum load capacity included, so you can only load lightweight tools in these toolboxes.

Furthermore, the larger bottom toolbox cannot be locked, and that will take away some of the toolbox set’s security capability.

Pros & Cons


  • The top toolbox can be locked
  • You have a lot of storage space included
  • Very easy-rolling wheels included with the kit
  • Easy to use cable hooks added


  • Only one of the boxes can be locked
  • It has very thin plastic sidewalls

TB101 Torin Hip roof Style Toolbox From Big Red

You will go far to find a stronger toolbox than this one provided by the Big Red Company, and it is a mobile safe. It also comes with quite an affordable price tag attached to it to make it available to the many handymen out there.


With the steel construction this toolbox is made of, it will last for many years of strong tool carrying service. It is made from high-quality steel materials that will be quite difficult to break, making it ideal for the harsh construction environment.

Another great thing about this hardy toolbox provided by Big Red is that it is made with quite a compact design. This means you can store this toolbox in even a very small space and easily hide it out of the way.

This toolbox can easily be used with quite a wide range of tool storage and carrying applications, making it versatile storage for tools. You can easily use this toolbox to keep your tools safe and secure with the locking option included with it.

With the strong locking latch installed on the toolbox, it will not be easy to gain access to the inside when it is locked. So be careful not to lose the keys to your lock; you will need to break the lock to have access to your tools!

The overall construction of this toolbox makes it a safe choice to use if you need something durable to store your tools. It also comes with quite a strong handle attached to it, so you can easily pick it up and carry it.

However, the toolbox is quite heavy because of the metal used in its construction, which will add to the total weight. This simply means that this toolbox is made for the stronger people out there to carry it around easily.

The handle of this toolbox is not made for comfort, so it will hurt your hands if you carry it for a long time.

Pros & Cons


  • Made with a durable construction
  • It is made with a compact design
  • A strong latch for locking included
  • Comes with quite a low price tag


  • The toolbox itself is a bit heavy
  • You do not have a very comfortable carry handle

Gray Portable Toolbox From Plano Molding

A very easy to use grab and go toolbox is what you get with this unit provided by the Plano Molding company. This is also an everyday use toolbox that is handy for use by every technician and handyman that needs a comfortable toolbox.


This toolbox can be used for a wide variety of tools and other instruments, as well as accessory carry and storage options. It is made in such a way that you can easily use this in any environment, even in the lab setup for your instrument storage.

With quite a decent storage space, you can easily store hand tools as well as electric tools inside the toolbox. So for those quick on-site jobs that need only a few tools, this is the ideal toolbox to use.

It also comes with quite a comfortable handle attached to the toolbox for an easy grab-and-go toolbox carrying option. The handle will also fold flat out of the way when you are not using it for an easy storage option.

With sturdy construction, this toolbox is made to last for a long time and provide you with many years of service. It is made from high-quality plastic that makes it strong and durable to be used in any rough environment.

The quite rugged latches allow the lid of the toolbox to easily open and close when you need to get inside. You can also lock this toolbox if you need to keep your tools safe from those who want to remove them without permission.

Unfortunately, it will not really make it very difficult for the culprit to get inside your toolbox because of the quite flimsy locking ring included. This will take away some of the security capability of the toolbox.

It is also not really suitable to be used with heavy tools that may cause it to break if you overload the toolbox.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made with a lightweight construction
  • The toolbox comes with a decent interior storage space
  • Easy fold-away handle included
  • Quite a durable material used


  • Not suitable for heavy and large tools
  • The locking ring is a bit flimsy

Packout Rolling Toolbox From Milwaukee Electric Tool Company

It is not wrong to want a comfortable toolbox to make your hardworking day a bit easier and more comfortable. That is how it is with this rolling toolbox provided by the Milwaukee Electric Tool company to make your life easier.


This easy to move, rolling toolbox comes with smooth-rolling wheels included for effortless maneuverability on most terrains out there. This means you can quickly go where you need to be without worrying if the wheels will take you there.

The handle of this rolling toolbox is made to be quite comfortable and will help to prevent early fatigue while pulling it. That is possible because of the comfortable and ergonomic non-slip grip, so your hands will not slip even if they are wet.

It is also great that the handle will pull out quite extensively, so taller people can use it without stooping when pulling it. Overall, the mobile feature is quite handy to make this a very portable toolbox to use.

You have quite a large interior space with this toolbox, so you can easily carry larger tools inside it with ease. It is also suitable to carry the heavy tools in this toolbox because of the high maximum load capacity.

The high-quality materials used in the construction of this rolling toolbox make it strong and durable to last for a very long time. This toolbox is ideal to be used by a wide variety of craftsmen and handymen to get the job done with everything close at hand.

Unfortunately, there is no divider added to this toolbox to help organize the interior space or to manage small parts storage. A divider that is made by this company can be added, but it will add to the total cost of the toolbox.

That will be a problem because the rolling toolbox already comes with quite a high price tag attached.

Pros & Cons


  • This toolbox comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Quite a large interior space
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Easy closing latches included


  • Comes with quite a high price tag attached
  • No interior organizer tray included


We had to choose a winner even if it was difficult, and that is the rolling toolbox provided by Milwaukee Electric Tool company. This toolbox is durable and it can be upgraded to add more storage and convenience.

In the number two position, we selected the DeWalt TSTAK Tool Storage organizer that is also upgradeable for better options. This toolbox also comes with a lower price point to make it affordable for many more people out there.


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