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Best Leather Tool Belts: Best Picks

Whether you are a tradesman, handyman, or construction worker, you want all your tools within easy reach and in one place. While a toolbox is a good solution, it is nowhere as convenient as a tool belt.

The latter has a couple of advantages, including the fact that there is no way you will forget it at the construction site. And that in most cases, it is more versatile than a simple toolbox.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the best leather tool belts currently on the market to find the ideal one for your needs.

Comparison Chart

OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig

Task Tools T77250 Apron with Polyweb Belt

Leather Gold Genuine Leather Framer’s Rig Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 5089 LG Seven Bag Framer

McGuire-Nicholas 803-E Oil Tanned Leather Tool Rig

Best Leather Tool Belts Reviews

OX Tools Four Piece Framers Rig

If you are headed to a demanding job site, then investing in a framers rig will go a long way. The manufacturer did a great job to make it adequate for everyday use, featuring various versatile pockets and a sturdy leather design to ensure optimal durability. Let’s take a look!


First of all, let’s discuss the quality of the belt itself. It is made out of 100% cow leather, with heavy-duty steel rivets that secure different pouches at the rig. We are quite happy to notice that although the rivets act as protectors, these are low-profile and won’t scratch any surface that you might come across.

Talking about the overall sturdiness, the belt features tunnel reinforcements and double-stitching. These work together to eliminate the risk of tearing and allow you to work under harsh conditions without worrying about whether your belt will get damaged.

When it comes to sizing, this belt can be worn by anyone who has the waist size of 29 to 46 inches – thus, it is pretty much universal. Its oil-tanned leather that the belt is made out of doesn’t only improve sturdiness but also contributes to its looks.

The product itself consists of four different pieces, including the belt with several pouches: the attached pro framer’s tool bag, pro hammer holder, and pro fastener bag. The total number of pouches you can use to store nails and other necessary tools is set to 22.

When it comes to the attached tool bag, it is perfect for pencils, markers, and tape measurers, considering the inner pockets that are easy-to-reach (three pouches). Furthermore, the fastener bag offers two major pouches that you can use to store nails or any other smaller tools. Also, keep in mind that there is a slot between these two pouches for extra space if you want to put away some of your tools outside of those pockets.

Most importantly, the hammer holder is just perfect if this is the tool that you mostly use. Not only can you enjoy flexibility in retrieval, but you can also be 100% sure that the hammer won’t fall out due to the thoughtfully designed leather hammer loop.

Our primary concern is that these tool belts don’t feature large enough slots to store tools such as pliers. Additionally, the tool belt may get a bit heavy if you are at the construction site for a longer time.

Still, we do see this OX Tools leather belt as one of the most versatile and convenient jobsite-friendly products.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable for most people
  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • A total of 22 pouches
  • Adaptable sizing to fit your needs
  • Convenient hammer holder


  • A bit heavy for some
  • Lacks a larger pouch


Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron

If what you are looking for is a compact mini tool belt for your weekend on-site tasks, then you won’t go wrong with this product. While it is nowhere as versatile as the belt mentioned above, it still allows you to have all the most essential tools in one place.


The Weekend Warrior Apron stands as one of the most innovative tool belts out there. First and foremost, it comes with five different sized pouches and two hammer holders secured with a loop.

The belt itself is 2 inches wide and features a quick-release buckle that can come in pretty handy when you want to re-adjust or get the belt off. When it comes to the design, this belt is rugged and made out of durable split-leather that can withstand heavier use. Most importantly, given the material, you can be sure that the belt can hold heavier tools, including linesman pliers and a hammer.

We were quite happy to see that the corner pockets are rounded and reversed, which will give you more flexibility and easy access. Frankly, this belt is much lighter than the OX Tools one as it is just above 1.5 pounds.

When it comes to how user-friendly it is, we can guarantee that you will need just a couple of minutes to get it on and release it once you are done with your task. It can be worn by anyone who is 36 to 54 inches at the waist when it comes to size. You can easily adjust it and tighten it to ensure that the belt stays in its place.

Although there are just 5 pouches and 2 hammer holders (one nickel-plated and the other semi-rigid leather), there is room for nails and tools of almost any size. The main issue that we have with this belt is that the belt cup is made out of plastic and that the leather loop is not as rigid as it should be.

Aside from a couple of design details that could be improved, we consider this Weekend Warrior Apron to be a fantastic choice for anyone who is on a tight budget but is looking for a convenient and comfortable tool belt!

Pros & Cons


  • Great price point
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Quick-release buckle
  • 5 different-sized pouches, 2 hammer-holders
  • Split leather


  • Flimsy leather loop
  • Plastic clasp


Brand Leather Gold 3450 Framers Rig

Anyone who is going to spend all day on a construction site knows the importance of a reliable tool belt. Leather Gold did a great job designing a framers rig that is not only comfortable but also comes with 10 easy-reach pockets and several hammer holders for added convenience.


The Leather Gold brand is a well-recognized name when it comes to tool belts. You are looking at a rig made out of 100% cowhide leather that is 1.75 – 2 mm thick. It is supple-finished, contributing to its overall sturdiness, while it doesn’t decrease the comfort that this belt provides.

The coolest thing about this product is that it is not stationary. On the contrary, you can slide and adjust the two compartments to your front, back, or side, to ensure easy access. As we have mentioned above, the two compartments hold 10 different-sized pouches in which you can store nails, pliers, screwdrivers, and other essential tools.

Most importantly, the featured hammer holders (three of these) are 100% secure, so you won’t have to worry whether the belt is strong enough to endure these tools’ weight. Holes that are set in two rows contribute to the overall stability as well.

Much like the aforementioned product, this belt is easily adjustable, and anyone that has a waist size of 30 to 45 inches can wear it with comfort. The main problem that we see is that the two belt prongs aren’t anywhere as sturdy as they should be. Also, it would be much better if the belt featured double stitching.

However, because the pouches are quite spacious, and the rig itself is sturdy and comfortable, we have to consider it one of the best leather tool belts out there.

Pros & Cons


  • 10 spacious pouches
  • 3 hammer holders
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Gauge leather
  • Flexible rig system


  • Flimsy belt prongs
  • Lacks double stitching


Occidental Leather Seven Bag Framer

We can’t go on without mentioning a product manufactured by one of the most popular rig brands – Occidental Leather. While belts designed by this manufacturer are set at a high price point, you can be sure that a Seven Bag such as this one is a great investment.


If you are a handyman or a construction worker, you will want to get a belt that will stimulate your working rhythm. That is exactly what this Seven Bag Framer ensures. First and foremost, it is highlighted by top-quality leather that is reinforced with copper rivets. The belt itself is made in the USA, which itself is a guarantee of quality.

When it comes to the dimensions, the main bag is set at 9 x 8 inches; the fastener bag is set at 6 x 5.5 inches, the middle bag is set at 7 x 6 inches, while the upper bag is set at 4.5 x 4.5 inches. This rig is versatile enough to hold several different-sized tools, including screwdrivers, markers, pens, tape measures, nails, etc. The total number of pockets is 23.

What we love about this product is that it is highlighted by a no-spill tool technology. This means that you won’t have to worry about the tools suddenly dropping from the pouches. Also, the belt itself is flexible so you can adjust the main bag to be at the side, etc.

Additionally, the hammer holder itself is incredibly functional, and unlike most framers rigs, you won’t have an issue with the hammer getting in your way while you are working (bumping in your thigh). When it comes to this rig’s sizing, it is safe to say that as long as your waist is between 30 and 45 inches, you will feel quite comfortable with this belt on.

While there are no convenience or design-related cons, we have to say that the price is quite high compared to other products. Also, the fact that the belt itself weighs 6 pounds can be quite exhausting if you are working for a full-day.

Ultimately, we think that investing in this Occidental Leather belt is an excellent decision if you are a professional and want a framers rig that will last you a lifetime.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Comes with 23 pouches
  • Functional hammer holder
  • No-drop technology


  • Quite heavy for some people
  • Pricey compared to similar belts


McGuire-Nicholas Leather Tool Rig

A great alternative to the Occidental Leather bag is this McGuire rig. The company has been around for almost a century, focusing on providing innovative tool belt solutions. This particular product is the perfect combination of durability, convenience, and comfort.


The McGuire Nicholas tool belt features a fantastic oil-tanned leather build that is both sturdy and comfortable. As you know, you will want a framers rig to be as rugged as possible, given the different working conditions you might have to go through.

When it comes to the overall capacity, this tool rig offers 5 pockets in total – 2 being large and 3 medium-sized. These are ideal if you have several smaller tools or markers, pens, and tape measures that you need to store in a single place.

Additionally, there is a well-made hammer holder that is set in the middle of this belt. What is remarkable is that it is reinforced with a metal loop that ensures the hammer won’t drop from the holder.

We also like that this is not stationary, which means you can adjust the front of the belt to your back and vice versa. Furthermore, it features a superb sizing option given the range of 30-50 inches at the waist.

The main disadvantage of this tool belt is that there is no space for larger tools. Additionally, the prongs are quite flimsy.

Still, given that the overall construction is quite good and that the rig itself is flexible, we consider it to be among the top products for your needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable for most people
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Five pouches for great storage
  • Convenient hammer holder
  • Rugged leather


  • Quite pricey compared to similar models


Wrap Up

For anyone who wants a long-term investment, and is a professional handyman or a construction worker, the Occidental Leather is the best tool belt there is. It is comfortable, flexible, and features 23 pockets as well as a functional hammer holder!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, compact framers rig, our suggestion is the Task Tools Weekend Warrior Apron!


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