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When it comes to storing your tools, you have two choices: you can go with the standard traditional toolbox, or you can go with a more portable option, the tool bag. Though this is a preference, many feel that tool bags are more durable and easier to transport from place to place.

If you’ve already done the research and have decided to go with a tool bag, you may want to look for a premium leather tool bag to give you more durability. There are many to choose from, and so we have pulled together a list of some of the best leather tool bags on the market today.

Comparison Chart

CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

DEWALT DG5543 Tool Bag

Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 304X

Klein Tools 5102-18SP Tool Bag

Leather Tool Bags Reviews

CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

Our first leather tool bag comes from CLC Custom LeatherCraft and is a 50 pocket multicompartment tool bag designed to make organization a priority.

  • Polyester/ polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 18″x 14”x 7”
  • 50 pockets
  • Large center compartment
  • Zippered side panels
  • Vertical pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry handles
  • Weight: 6 pounds

There is a lot to love about this multicompartment tool bag! For us, though, the fact that it has 50 pockets and multiple compartments is in and of itself the best thing. When working on projects, the last thing you want to have to do is hunt for a tool, and with so many compartments, you can keep your tools organized and easy to access.

Another feature that we really love about this tool bag is the durability. This durability comes from both the polyester/ polypropylene material used in the construction as well as the heavy-duty zippers and the double stitching. All of this combined gives this bag an extended life and durability to stand up to just about anything.

The vertical pockets and padded shoulder strap, as well as carry handles, increase the comfortability and usability of this tool bag. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable to make sure that every individual can set them according to their liking. That, coupled with the padded carry handles, makes this a tool bag that is more portable than others.

Now with all that being said, there is one major issue that we take fault with and that we think you should know about before you make your final decision. The first of these is that though the material is very durable, there is no water resistance technology or coating used in the construction of this tool bag. This means if you have projects near water, you may want to make sure that it is up out of the way.


  • The tool bag is crafted with a wide range of compartments and pockets for improved organization
  • Crafted with a Poly fabric body that enhances durability
  • Heavy-duty zippers and double stitching give it a longer life
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the padded handles and shoulder straps


  • The product is not crafted with any water resistance

DEWALT DG5543 Tool Bag

If you’re looking for a smaller tool bag that still offers fantastic durability and great organizational capabilities, then the DEWALT DG 5543 could be an excellent choice for you.

  • Poly fabric construction
  • Pop-open design
  • Large interior compartment
  • 33 pockets
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber feet
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Dimensions: 13.8” x 4.5” x 19.3”
  • Weight: 3 pounds

DEWALT is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to tools and tool accessories. So it should be no surprise that one of their tool bags has found its way onto this list. When working with leather, you have many different types of tools you need to have handy. Having multiple compartments is key to time management and the project itself. This Dewalt has an incredible 33 pockets!

That is why when developing this design, the company opted to go with a pop-open design that includes a roomy interior. As a result, it is the right size for even electric drills and other tools you may need for your project. In addition, the pop-open design allows for easy access to all the tools in said compartments, which will ensure that you can complete the project without any major issues.

On top of that, the company chose to include abrasion-resistant rubber feet, which help with the stability and keep the bag from tipping over, and also included a padded shoulder strap. This shoulder strap is adjustable and non-slip, which means that once you have set it, you don’t have to worry about setting it again, which also saves you time.

Though this tool bag has a lot of positive attributes for us, there is one major thing that could be added to this tool bag to make it even better. The inclusion of a few smaller compartments would be ideal so we would be able to store smaller tools without fear of losing them in the corners.


  • Crafted with a pop-open design and roomy interior compartment for easy access to tools
  • Heavy-duty Poly fabric can hold up to the weight of metal tools easily
  • Fitted with abrasion-resistant rubber feet for better stability
  • Finished with a non-slip adjustable padded shoulder strap for enhanced comfort


  • Crafted with large compartments that are not ideal for small tools

Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

Our next tool bag also comes from a well-known name in the industry. This 14-inch Carhartt bag is designed to be rugged and efficient and manage the organization of your tools.

  • Polyester
  • 27 compartments (17 exterior pockets and 10 interior pockets)
  • Internal metal frame
  • Triple reinforced stitch construction
  • YKK zippers
  • Abrasion-resistant base
  • Coated with rain defender durable water repellent
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 10.5″ x 9″
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

When you opt to choose a Carhartt product, you know you are getting a well-crafted and durable piece. This tool bag lives up to the company’s reputation. Starting with the materials used in the construction, from the durable and premium grade polyester to the high-quality zippers, you get a tool bag that can withstand the rigors of working with leather. But the durability doesn’t just stop there.

Along with crafting a tool bag in high-quality materials, the designers at Carhartt opted to seal the bag with a rain defender water-resistant coating. This not only protects the materials from the effects of water but also keeps your tools from having to deal with the consequences of being exposed to water. Also, the base of the unit is designed with an abrasion-resistant material to avoid wear and tear.

When it comes to organization, you will have access to 27 different compartments of varying sizes, and because of the way they are crafted, they are easy to get into. This will allow you to make sure that all your tools are in the proper place for quick and easy retrieval to keep you on track for your project’s deadline.

All of those features are excellent and are why we feel that the value you get from this tool bag for the price is well worthy of consideration. The large compartment in the center is perfect for large tools; however, if there was a divider, that would help elevate the organizational capabilities of the tool bag.


  • Crafted with a rain defender water-resistant coating
  • All 27 compartments are designed for improved access
  • Crafted with durable and premium grade materials
  • Price versus value is far above many of its competitors


  • The tool bag is not constructed with a divider for the large main compartment

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 304X

For those looking for a tool bag that can stand up to sharp and heavy tools, the reinforced Mason’s tool bag from CLC Custom LeatherCraft might just be a good option for you.

  • Premium grade leather handles and straps
  • High-quality canvas construction
  • Hinged steel frame
  • Fiberboard bottom
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 6.5″ x 16″
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds

Accumulating tools is something that every person that works with their hands seems to do. But just because it is a tool bag doesn’t mean that it can’t look sharp as well, and that is one of the features that we like about this model from CLC Custom LeatherCraft. Frequently, big companies like to put their brand logo in the most visible place possible but not with this bag. There is no visible branding anywhere on this bag which will be a big point for some people.

This heavy-duty Mason bag is crafted with high-quality canvas and premium-grade leather straps and handles. The combination of these two features gives this tool bag height and durability and the ability to stand up to even the sharpest tools.

Other than that, the unit is designed with a couple of other features that make it stand out amongst the crowd. The metal frame that is used in the bag helps keep the shape but doesn’t add so much weight that it makes it difficult to lug around. Also, the bag is not closed with zippers; rather, it has a buckle-like style closure, making it easier to get into more rapidly.

Even with all that, though, there is still one flaw that may be a deal-breaker for some. The bag is not designed with multiple compartments. Instead, it has just one large center pocket. Because of this design, it will be more difficult to keep your tools organized and easy to reach, which may affect this piece’s performance.


  • The tool bag is crafted without any visible branding for a smoother aesthetic
  • Heavy-duty leather and canvas bag stands up to even the sharpest tools
  • Even with a metal frame, bag is still lightweight and portable
  • Lack of zippers makes it easy to access at all times


  • The single pocket interior is not great for organization

Klein Tools 5102-18SP Tool Bag

The last leather tool bag on our list comes from Klein tools and is crafted in natural canvas with 13 pockets available to hold tools. The compact bag is well designed and very versatile.

  • #8 canvas
  • 13 interior pockets
  • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
  • Moisture resistant vinyl bottom
  • Non-scratch base studs
  • Still frame mouth with hinge
  • Dimensions: 19.7” x 12.5” x 2”
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Sometimes when looking at a tool bag, the design becomes complicated due to the excess pockets and construction that it takes away from other aspects of the tool bag. This bag from Klein tools is a simply designed option that is crafted in just the right size for many people. This design includes a wide range of various pockets that are easy to get into and super friendly to organize.

When looking at the very sizeable pockets and pouches, one of the things we like the most about them is that they are not flat sewn. This gives them the ability to contract and expand depending on the tool that you choose to house within them. Having this design may make it easier to organize and find the tools once they have been organized.

On top of all of that, it does contain a few pieces of metal. However, the weight is not so excessive that it will affect the portability of the tool bag. Having a lighter weight allows for this bag to not become too heavy once fully loaded with the tools of the trade.

The leather accents that are attached to the bag are raw. This means there is one step that you will have to take before loading in your tools, and that is treating them. By doing this, you will ensure that they stay in good shape for the entire time you are using them, and some may find this extra step a little annoying.


  • The bag is designed with a simple build which is not too large
  • Due to the varied sized pockets on the inside, tool bag is super user friendly
  • Interior pouches are not flat sewn, which gives you more room for tools
  • Lightweight design means that the bag will not get too heavy even with tools in it


  • Leather straps and handles are raw, so when first opened, they will need to be treated

Final Thoughts

The final choice of which one of these bags will work the best for you and your tool storing needs will depend on how many tools you are looking to store in them. We have tried to give you a wide range of options and hope that this has helped in your decision-making process.

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