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Best Laser Level That Fits Your Tool Bag

Any self-declared handyman or DIY person knows that their rolling tool bag would not be complete if it does not have the best laser level that they could buy. Some would think that having a laser level would be a tad too much but owning one has its advantages.

For example, a laser level can tell you if your paint stripes are aligned with the nearest reference point, and it can also tell you if your tiles do not fall along the same axis as the others. Laser levels have other practical applications, and it does make life easier for anybody working in the construction industry.

Laser Level Buying Guide

If you don’t own one yet and if you are planning to get one, then here are the things that you might want to look for in a laser level. The list starts with the wants–things you may or may not want in a piece of equipment, followed by the needs–these are the things that should be in the best laser level that you can get.


  • Self-leveling vs. Manual Leveling

Manual-leveling levels are laser levels that use spirit levels to determine if their position is indeed in line with the reference point. Self-leveling levels, on the other hand, are laser levels that use a pendulum-like internal mechanism that swings to align the laser point along the reference line.

  • Dots or Lines

What kinds of laser beams do you like? A dot laser level projects, well, dots on the work surface, and it is your reference point. Line Levels project one or two lines on the work surface which can be in the form of an equilateral cross, giving you references on both vertical and horizontal planes.


  • Accuracy

As an instrument that provides measurement and reference points, laser rules should be as accurate as they can get with a very minimal margin of error.

  • Range

Lasers can reach a far distance, but it also loses its accuracy and strength as the distance between the projector and work surface widens. A range of about 15 feet may be ideal for indoor applications, longer for outdoor applications.

  • Durability

Laser levels would mostly be used at a construction site, which means anything can happen to it. The materials and casing for your laser level should be able to endure rough treatment and should not break easily as well.

Leveling the Playing Field

The different wants and needs that aim to assist you in buying the best level actually give you a long list of choices. However, here are three of the best that you can compare each other with.

1. Huepar Green Laser Level


  • Wide Range

Huepar Green Laser Level has an effective range of 98 feet.

  • Green Laser Unit

Using Osram’s laser projector, the Huepar Laser Level is two times as bright as any red laser level on the market. This means that this laser level remains accurate and clear even when used under the glaring sun.

  • Self-Leveling

With a pendulum system, this laser level can automatically correct itself within four degrees.

  • Manual Mode

Locking the pendulum system means you can go and plumb the laser level manually using a spirit level. This mode also allows you to project the laser lines in any position or angle.

  • Dual-Mounting Method

This laser level can be mounted using the strong magnetic L mount with triop thread, or it can use the standard tripod that comes along with it. Both mounts can be adjusted to your preferred height as needed.

  • Durable and Handy

The Huepar Green Laser Level is lightweight, weighing in at 1.15 pounds. This laser level is covered with shock-resistant TPR soft rubber, and the casing itself is rated IP54 waterproof and dustproof.

Pros & Cons


  • Handy and easy to carry
  • Level enough for basic use
  • Works fine when indoors
  • Convenient to use
  • Bright green laser
  • Wide angle
  • Seems accurate


  • Consumes batteries quickly
  • Magnetic shelf stand does not work
  • Mount is not very useful
  • Gets fuzzier as you go farther away
  • Blinks when it’s locked
  • Batteries need to be removed to turn it off
  • Not for outdoor use

2. Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level


  • Flexible Mounting Options

This laser level can be mounted on a tripod or affixed to a metallic surface like a scaffold.

  • Cross-line Mode

The Tacklife Laser Level projects a laser cross on the work surface from a maximum distance of 50 feet, with an accuracy of up to ±1/8 of an inch.

  • Smart Pendulum Leveling System

The leveling system of this laser level automatically levels itself within four degrees.

  • Manual Mode

This laser level also comes with a manual mode so that you can draw your lines at any angle and in any direction.

  • Red Laser Unit

The Tacklife Laser Level utilizes red laser beams to project the multi-line crosshair.

  • Handy and Durable

This laser level is lightweight, weighing in at 1.05 pounds and comes with a waterproof rating of IP54.

Pros & Cons


  • Basic laser level works fine
  • Okay for indoor use
  • Visible within the specified range
  • The leveling alert notification works.
  • Product seems durable
  • Tripod is nice
  • Magnetic mount is useful
  • Compatible with any tripod
  • Works as intended


  • Limited range
  • Red laser light is not that bright
  • Takes a while to figure out
  • Vague instructions
  • Limited functionality
  • Not meant for outdoor use

3. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level


  • Measuring Tape

This laser level comes with an eight-foot measuring tape that can come in handy when doing your measurements on the work surface.

  • Three-in-One Tool

The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level comes with the measuring tape, three manual bubble levels, and a laser level.

  • Lightweight

This laser level weighs in at just eight ounces.

  • Red Light Unit

The laser level from Qooltek projects a red cross line laser onto a work surface and has an effective distance of about 80 feet.

  • Handy

This multi-purpose tool can fit on your back pocket or tool bag.

  • Manual leveling

The three spirit levels are used to adjust the level of the laser level when needed.

Pros & Cons


  • Straightforward
  • Works as intended
  • Convenient to use
  • Tape measure and bubble level make great additions
  • Useful and handy
  • Durable Casing


  • Laser light is not straight
  • Spirit level markings are inaccurate
  • Mounting options should be considered
  • Does not work outdoor use
  • Hard to adjust the vertical plane
  • Laser projector needs calibration

Best Laser Level: The Verdict

Although green laser units are not that well known and not as often used as red lasers, the Huepar Green Laser Level is the best of the three laser levels that have been mentioned in this post. Its dual mounting options make it more flexible, and its durable casing adds more versatility to the product.

While it does not have the measuring tape of the Qooltek laser level, it does have both manual-leveling and self-leveling systems which make it more as accurate as the Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level. It also has the longest range among the three products that were reviewed, clocking in at 98 feet of effective distance.

Laser levels should be as light as possible without sacrificing accuracy, functionality, and range as these devices aim to save handypersons’ time and effort. Laser levels do this by ensuring that whatever DIY persons are working on is aligned with the natural vertical and horizontal points of reference.


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