Best Cordless Circular Saw – Complete Reviews with Comparison

There are lots of cordless saws sold today, which can make it quite difficult to make a choice. If you are getting one for the first time, it isn’t always easy knowing which saw will be best for your needs.

However, with reviews like this, you can learn more about these powerful work tools. We have compiled a list of the best cordless saws you can get today, whether for heavy-duty tasks or light projects at home.

There are many reasons why people prefer cordless saws; they are quite handy and you don’t have to face the constraints of tossing cables about. Read on to learn about the five options for the best cordless circular saw you can find today.

Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

SKIL CR540602 Cordless Circular Saw

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One of the best brands known to make powerful tools is SKIL. The company has been around for many years providing endless solutions for various projects. The powerful cordless saw from SKIL is very impressive and one of the most affordable saws you can get. It is also great in functionality and will cut deep into the material you need it for.

Although the Skil CR540602 is not the most powerful saw produced by the company, it is still very powerful. The 6 ½ circular cordless saw is better in performance when compared to other saws within its price range.


One of the distinct features of this cordless saw is its amazing design. It comes in a red and black design which is impossible to miss. The saw is also very compact and you can easily store it after use.

It is a powerful tool but is best suited for household projects. You can also use it to do some work on construction projects. The saw uses a PWRCore 20 Li-ion battery which will not overheat because of the temperature management technology it uses. The SKIL saw has a surprisingly long lifespan.

Its motor strength is also impressive as it can make up to 4,500 revolutions per minute. You can use this powerful saw to cut into almost any type of material. It also comes with an adjustable depth that allows you to change your cutting angle from 0° to 50° for any kind of cut. This saw can be used by beginners wanting to hone their skills to become masters at making bevel cuts with the circular cordless saw.

The SKIL saw has enough battery power to last for up to 6 hours which is enough time to do productive work. The saw has an ergonomic handle, and its thin-kerf carbide-tipped 24-tooth blade is sharp enough to make all kinds of cuts. It also comes with a strong dust extractor, and the overall performance of this saw will give you the best results.

In terms of weight, it feels very light, making it easy for you to control your cuts. You can accomplish a lot within a short time working with this powerful tool.

The only challenge with this cordless tool is that you can’t perform heavy-duty tasks with it. It will take a lot of effort working with this tool on a building site but you can always use it for DIY home projects conveniently. The SKIL CR540602 is one of the best quality and affordable cordless saws you can get.

It comes with all the features you need for your DIY projects and is safe to operate. It also has an inbuilt LED light to help you work in dimly lit areas so you can get the best cuts.


  • Affordable and great performing circular cordless saw
  • Ergonomic grip makes it easy to control the saw
  • The powerful machine is fast and will help you complete your projects quickly
  • Comes with a fast-charging battery
  • Has a durable brushless motor


  • The saw can’t be used for heavy-duty projects without struggle

Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw

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The Makita XSS02Z cordless circular saw is from a popular Japanese company. The brand makes very powerful tools and accessories that are used for major projects.

With over a century in existence, they have built a reputation for making reliable and high-quality power tools. This Makita cordless saw is one of its powerful innovations and promises to deliver the best results. The company also ensures that it provides quality at an affordable cost.

The Makita XSS02Z 18V saw is the perfect tool for DIY home projects. You can use it for home remodeling projects and other small household tasks.


The cordless circular saw is compact and also very powerful. It is a great choice for beginners, and the pocket-friendly price makes it one of the best sellers in the market. The results you get from using the Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT are very satisfactory. It is one of the best compact saws you can get for all kinds of cuts. The powerful tool is great for home use and other light tasks.

You can easily store it in your garage when not in use and still have it available when you need it. The saw is long-lasting and won’t develop any problems. The Makita XSS02Z cordless saw comes with an attachable blade, and though the saw looks small at 6 ½ inches, it weighs up to 7.3 pounds which makes it heavy.

Its motor can make up to 3,700 revolutions in a minute. You can use the blade to cut through wood with medium hardness easily. The low motor speed is a great choice as it helps reduce your chances of injury should the saw jump off.

This saw comes with a three-factor safety system that prevents the Makita CR540602 cordless saw from malfunctioning. The battery is long-lasting and has a management system that reports data to the processing board in the saw. This will come in handy for overload protection.

You won’t have any problem with the battery because it also has an over-discharge protection system that ensures the battery lasts longer. The saw also has an inbuilt system that helps to monitor the heating of the saw. If there is any sign of overheating, it will automatically stop the saw to prevent any damage to the battery.


  • Compact-sized saw is easy to operate
  • Suited for beginners trying their hands-on DIY home projects
  • Safety-focused design that reduces your risk of injuries


  • Can only work for light projects and won’t be useful for heavy-duty tasks

Ryobi P507 Cordless Circular Saw

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This Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw comes with all the features you will need to complete household tasks and other light projects. You can get your work done for half the time it would take you, and the saw comes at a great price. Ryobi is another company that is trustworthy and reliable in the market. Its P507 One+ Cordless Circular Saw comes in a compact design, and it is one of the best budget saws, especially for newbies.

The saw comes with the latest technology and is a great cutter. It makes accurate cuts and will cut through even the toughest materials.


The Ryobi P506 circular cordless saw comes with all One+ batteries, which means that you can use the same battery for all other Ryobi tools if you have any in your collection. The saw is made with the best quality materials and is also one of the most affordable cordless saws you can get in the market.

Its design comes with an ergonomic handle made from a rubber over-mold, and it allows you to control the saw easily. This cordless saw is best for beginners and even had a laser guide to help with cutting. The small red line can be seen in front of the saw, enabling you to direct the blade for an accurate cut.

The saw comes with a 24-tooth blade that can make speedy rip cuts and make cuts at any angle. It also comes with an easy-to-use bevel adjustment knob and you can adjust your cutting angle up to 56°. The powerful motor built with this saw has up to 4,700RPM and can get your work done fast. The Ryobi P507 is lightweight and very easy to control and will come in handy when working at heights.


  • Comes with a laser guide feature that offers accurate cuts
  • The saw comes with a safety switch and a very responsive trigger to prevent accidents
  • Affordable cordless circular saw
  • Cuts through tough materials like treated pine, MDF, and 2×4’s with ease


  • It is not very powerful

Black+Decker 20V Cordless Circular Saw

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The Black+Decker 20V saw is also another great tool you can use for your projects. This power tool is produced by an American company that is known for making hardware, power tools, and other home improvement products. This Black+Decker saw is a quality saw that will serve your household needs.


The 5 ½-inch saw is compact and very easy to control. The blades, which measure 6 and 7 inches, will work well for light DIY home projects. This saw comes with a 20V battery and has a fast-charging system to help you get back to your work.

It comes with a lot of features that will be useful to you. It has an adjustable bevel and will allow you to make cuts between 45° and 90°. The Black+ Decker 5 ½-inch saw comes with a high torque motor and the sharp blades are capable of making very clean cuts.

You can use the saw to make rip cuts and it works on most materials and even tough materials easily. Also, when you buy this power tool, you will get fast cuts because of its 12T carbide blade, which is also very durable.

The saw is versatile and is very affordable. The only downside to this cordless saw is that it won’t work for building sites or other heavy-duty projects. However, it will come in handy for minor repairs, DIY projects, and other cutting tasks at home.


  • Compact design and small blades make your cutting fast
  • Adjustable bevels cut at angles between 45° and 90°
  • Affordable and performs well


  • Not applicable for heavy-duty tasks

DeWalt DCS391B 20-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

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The DeWalt cordless saw is another great performing power tool you can get for household use. The brand is one of the favorites among woodworkers, gardeners, and home improvers all over the world. They make quality power tools, and the DeWalt DCS391B 20-Volt Max saw is no exception.


This powerful cordless saw comes with a 20V battery and a fast charger. It is made with the best quality materials and one durable saw you will have with you for a long time. The DeWalt saw comes in an obvious yellow and eye-catching black design.

It also comes with a magnesium shoe that ensures its durability. The saw will help you make accurate cuts with ease and is great for everyday use.

The tool comes with a powerful motor with a speed of up to 5,150RPM and can cut through any kind of material. You can use the DeWalt saw on any type of wood material and the blade will cut through without any struggle. The ergonomic grip is comfortable on the hands and will prevent the saw from slipping off your hands while in use.

It has a safety mechanism that helps reduce any risk of injuries; however, the downside to this is that you will need a second hand to help turn on the saw.

Another plus side of getting this DeWalt saw is its compact size and lightweight. It weighs about 2 pounds without a battery, and it is easy to control this power tool. Even though it uses a small battery, the battery life is very good and you can use it to work all through the day. It is one of the best cordless saws for beginners to do different projects.


  • Light and easy to operate
  • Long battery life to complete your day’s work
  • Safe and convenient for newbies


  • Requires two people to start the tool because of the safety mechanism

Final Verdict

It isn’t always easy finding the right cordless circular saw but you can’t go wrong with these options. The amazing features you get from these power tools will help you get the best and most accurate cuts for your projects.

Whether you want a saw for your regular household tasks or you intend to start a DIY home project, you can always get any of these powerful cordless circular saws.

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