Best Claw Hammer Based on Strength and Versatility

Best Claw Hammer Based on Strength and Versatility

It can be hard to complete your very own household projects when you do not have the right tools. Good thing, there is already a lot of hardware equipment you can use that are already electric. But then again, there are just some things that cannot go the electric route, and one such tool for that job requires you to have the best claw hammer.

When you have a claw hammer, more often than not, you are already set up in terms of keeping things together and at the same time, pulling them apart. Why is that? It is because this tool is very versatile that you do not only use it to hammer in nails, other people even use it for marking and indentations.

Best Claw Hammer: Our Top Three Picks

If you are looking for a good claw hammer, you came to the right place. Here, we are going to run down three claw hammers to find out which one is the best. We are also going to take a look at their features and the pros and cons of using them. Lastly, we are also going to give some recommendations for each claw hammer.

1. The Irwin Tools 1954889 Claw Hammer

This is a claw hammer that combines a fiberglass handle with a head that is forged in steel. At the same time, the handles have a rounded design that has unique curves. Further, the bottom has a curved design while the end has a hardened cap. All in all, it measures 1.28 by 5.8 by 1.1 inches and weighs just 1.54 pounds.

It also has this so-called ProTouch grip that will allow you to gain total control of the hammer. As for the hammerhead itself, it has a smooth surface so as to prevent any surface marks. Just like any other claw hammers, the rip claw is best used to remove nails and other applications that require plying.


  • Lightweight but delivers a heavy blow
  • Comfortable to use and grip
  • Durable
  • The head and the handle are properly balanced


  • Inconsistency in quality
  • Handle does not have ridges, which can lead to slipping

Summary: Best for Breaking and Smashing

Although this claw hammer has a well-made head and rip claw, it is still best used if you need a good smashing. As for prying things apart, it can still work, but it is not the best out there. But when you need to break something, this is the claw hammer to use.

2. The Estwing E3-16S Hammer

This hammer boasts a rip claw with many uses. It can be used for pulling out nails, demolition work, prying boards, splitting wood, and more. At the same time, the head is forged in one piece, so you are assured that you are getting one solid head.

Additionally, it has a shock reduction grip that is patented. According to the company, this technology can reduce the vibration due to impact by 70%. In the process, you will not be feeling any tension in your arms.

Furthermore, this hammer allows you to have the claw hammer that fits your preference and need because you can choose between milled and smooth faces. Other than that, you can also choose between framing and finish lengths.


  • Durable
  • Easy to swing
  • Polished to perfection
  • Has a well-balanced handle
  • The head is very strong


  • The chrome plating comes off easily
  • There is a bit of a shrill sound when you use it, can be annoying for some

Summary: The Perfect Balance

This is the hammer for you if you do not have anything significant to do in terms of the hammerhead and the rip claw. Its use is pretty standard. Do remember, though, that standard does not necessarily mean mediocre because this hammer works extremely well.

3. The Maxcraft 60626 Stubby Claw Hammer

What we have here is a hammer that is equipped with a fully forged steel claw head. At the same time, its head is magnetic so it can hold nails for you to do one-handed starting. As for its rip claw, it is the typical rip claw with squared edges.

In terms of the handle, it has a non-slip, soft, and contoured handle that lets you have a comfortable and secure grip. What is significant about this claw hammer compared to the others on the list is the fact that it is the smallest one. It weighs a total of just 12.8 ounces and measures 6.5 by 4 by 1 inch.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy
  • Can easily reach tight spots


  • The head and the handle are not balanced
  • The rip claw can be weak
  • Can be too small for some jobs

Summary: Small Job Hammer

There are those times when you just need to secure something quickly, and this is where this hammer can be of great use. However, for bigger jobs such as nailing two pieces of wood together, you will find it hard to complete the job with this one. You still need a regularly sized hammer.

The Verdict

The best claw hammer is the Estwing E3-16S Hammer. This can be easily justified with its moniker, “the perfect balance.” Having that type of balance is extremely important when it comes to hammers. The handle should hold its own against the head, but at the same time, the handle should also make way for the force of the head.

That is the quality that you will see with the one from Estwing. Definitely, your arms will not strain when you use this hammer. You might even notice that you are hammering away in graceful strokes because, again, balance is everything.

Its biggest con is the easy chipping of the chrome plating. However, you have to ask yourself, are you buying a hammer for its aesthetics or its use? For sure, your answer is the latter.

Also, even though we are talking a lot about balance, there is also much to note with the hammerhead. It is well-made and extremely strong, to the point that some people claim it to be Thor’s hammer. Humor aside, though, the head on this hammer can really do a lot of damage.

Additionally, it is a good thing that you are not just stuck with one design. There are a lot of hammer patterns and even handles to choose from. Therefore, you will end up with a claw hammer that fits you perfectly.

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