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Best Bar Clamps for DIY Projects

Whether you are a professional carpenter or a regular joe trying your hand at some woodworking projects at home, it is essential to invest in some of the best bar clamps to make your entire job easier for you.

Sometimes, people overlook how important a bar clamp is for a project and often end up using any old clamp or some makeshift clamp to get the work done. They believe that as long as the pieces of wood are mashed, then it is all okay. While that may be partially true, the end result will be something mediocre instead of a great one.

Furthermore, not having a good bar clamp will make your job more difficult. Hence, to avoid all of that, this article will review three amazing bar clamps in hopes to help you find the one that matches your woodworking needs.

Best Bar Clamps: Our Top Choices

We carefully selected these three bar clamps among several of them based on multiple factors. We found that these three are the best ones on the market right now and selecting any one of them will be beneficial for your project.

1. Bessey GSCC2.524 Bar Clamp

Bessey is an internationally recognized, family-owned, German, steelmakers company founded way back in 1889. The company created their first line of malleable case bar clamps made out of iron in 1936, and in 1952, they created the all-steel heat-treated L clamps.

Up until today, the company is still considered to be among some of the largest clamp manufacturers in the world, distributing high-quality products to over 100 countries. Among their proud creations is the Bessey GSCC2.524 Bar Clamp.


The Bessy clutch-style bar clamps are medium-duty bar clamps that are well suited for a variety of projects. Its clutch plate system present on the tail end will allow for easy and quick adjustments. The clamp also comes with protective pads, which act as cushioning to the clamp jaws. This will prevent marring the stock.

This 24-inch bar clamp weighs just 2.3 pounds, comes in the colors black and red, and is available in a pack of one to four. The clamps are quickly adjustable with the final force being provided by the screw clamp. You will be able to open and close these clamps quite quickly when necessary.

The screw mechanism will ensure that there is a 600-pound strong clamping force that clamps the two pieces of wood to join together. The clamps’ backbone is a flat steel bar. The combination of the quick-adjusting mechanism and the bar plus the highly durable powder coated sliding jaws and cast iron, make these clamps an ideal fit for almost any woodworker’s store.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect bar clamp for a variety of DIY projects
  • Easy to use
  • Strong clamping force


  • The built could have been better

2. Irwin Tools One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp

Irwin Tools has been considered as a hallmark of innovation for over a century. The company manufactures and distributes high-grade power tools and hand tools across the world for professionals looking for durability and superior performance from their products.

The company and its products have stayed at the lead of the industry by creating only the best tools for the professional tradesman. Check out their one-handed, mini bar clamp below.


Available in the company’s classic color combination of blue and yellow and weighing just 11 ounces, the Irwin Tools One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp is a fantastic product for professionals as well as the average joe. This is an ideal bar clamp for those looking to take on smaller projects or have to work in smaller or confined spaces.

Other than just clamping, this one-handed bar clamp is ideal for holding and positioning most workpieces too. This clamp will be beneficial for projects ranging from a simple repair project to something as large as a whole kitchen cabinet. This is because it provides all the right features, fit, and the pressure for clamping jobs.

The bar on this is extremely sturdy as they are made from hardened steel, which prevents all sort of flexing and twisting even when used under the highest force. As for force, the bar clamp offers 140 pounds of force, which is evenly distributed across the entire workpiece. Lastly, the pads on the clamp are protected too so that they do not damage the workpiece.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers excellent support for one-handed use
  • Works well for medium-duty work
  • Decent clamping force


  • The overall built of the bar clamp is pretty average

3. Yost Vises 15036 Bar Clamp

Yost Vises has been creating high-quality vises since 1908. They are known to create and supply their products to individual craftsmen as well as large-scale distributors all over the world. Their main motive is to ensure that the product’s quality is never affected no matter how high the demand is.

They ensure that all of their products not only meet but exceed the Industrial Standard of Federal Specification GGG-V-410A. One such high-quality product is the Yost Vises 15036 Bar Clamp.


Available in the color electric blue and weighing roughly about 2.8 pounds, the Yost Vises Bar Clamp is an excellent and must-have piece of equipment. The company’s 15000 series bar clamps are designed to provide the user with extra clamping power and strength.

This bar clamp is constructed only from high-strength steel and uses a reinforced nylon body that clamps much stronger than most other clamps on the market. Its moveable jaw is designed to offer greater durability and clamping pressure.

In fact, this bar clamp can generate up to 330 pounds of clamping pressure and the ratcheting system in the main jaw ensures to reduce any jaw pressure loss. In addition, the clamp is designed in a manner that it reduces the weight while maximizing the strength.

By pulling the latch down on the stationary front jaw and sliding it off the bar, then placing the jaw on the opposite end and making sure the jaw latches in place will change this clamp into a spreader.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides a fantastic clamping pressure
  • Can be used as a spreader too
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Does not come with any instructions


Choosing any one of these three best bar clamps for your project will ensure that everything goes smoothly and leave you with perfection. These three bar clamps are the best on the market right now, but if we have to choose one between them, then it would be the Yost Vises 15036 Bar Clamp.

Now, why did we choose this bar clamp in particular? For starters, this clamp has an excellent built, which will surely last a long time. What’s more is that it can be used as a spreader too, and the clamping pressure on it is great.


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