Month: April 2020

Dewalt 20v vs Milwaukee M18 -

Dewalt 20v vs. Milwaukee M18: Which One Wins?

Electronic power drills are an essential tool in any DIYer’s tool kit since they are useful for so many different applications. Because of this, the competition for power drills is fierce, with each brand fighting to make the best power drill out there. Let’s see how two of the best drills, the DeWalt 20v and the Milwaukee M28, compare in a head to head comparison between them.

How to Use a Magnetic Stud Finder -

How to Use a Magnetic Stud Finder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone from doctors to builders has their selection of specialist tools, without which their work would be incredibly difficult. One specialist tool of construction workers, and a handy tool for DIY enthusiasts, is a metal stud finder. There are many variants of this tool since its original inception at the start of the twentieth century. Two types remain in use today – the magnetic version and the electronic version. Here, we will be looking at how to use the magnetic version and discussing the basic concerns of this convenient device.

How to Change a Hacksaw Blade -

How to Change a Hacksaw Blade: A Detailed Guide

It cannot be disputed that a saw has been one of the most useful tools in history. Today, one of the most popular and most used versions is the hacksaw. Despite its popularity, many people who use these tools don’t know the correct uses of the hacksaw or how to replace the blades. Here, we will tell you all you need to know about your hacksaw.

Best Electrician Backpack -

Best Electrician Backpack of 2020: Reviews with Comparison

No matter whether you are an electrician, contractor, handyman, or just a DIY type of guy, you can’t undermine the convenience offered by a well-built work backpack. These are rugged backpacks, which make it possible to carry all the stuff you may need while performing a task. To assist you while choosing the best electrician’s backpack, here are some top quality and highly suitable options.